Fathers day crafts

Here are some Fathers day crafts that will be useful to dads and remind them of how much we appreciate them and how hard they work to care for us.

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Check Out The Recipe For Salt Dough. Before You Buy Anything For Fathers Day Crafts

Clay paper weight

You will need:
Self hardening clay or salt dough or Fimo Polymer clay
Acrylic paints
Help your toddler to shape the clay into a cube if using plain colored clay. Use a pencil to mark holes in each side like a dice (1 – 6) Allow to dry. Use the acrylic paints to paint the dice.

If using Fimo clay help your child to roll short (about 2 – 3cm long each) sausages of different colours. Lay them in a row of three and stack three or four colors ontop of each other.

Tap the cube on the counter top until all the spaces mesh together. Trim the ends and you should have a lovely colored cube as a paperweight. Bake according to the instructions.

Fathers Day Crafts Handprint picture or Calender

This one of my fathers day crafts takes a little more time than the others, but is a lovely product when done.

You will need:
Tempera paints of different colors
Shallow dishes to hold paints
Butchers paper
Stiff card

Make a series of different color handprints on the paper by dipping your toddler’s hand into the paints. When dry, cut the hand prints out.

Arrange the hand prints like a fan or a fountain or draw an outline of the card of a parrot and face the hands down to look like feathers. Glue them down well.

Take the finished product to be framed after adding the names of your children and date.

Pen/Pencil Holder

A really easy choice for Fathers Day crafts

You will need:
An old can (preferably one that had a pull top so that there are no sharp edges.
Some colored papers or old material scraps – leather offcuts are best
Some cold glue.

Cut out the paper/material or leather to fit the can, glue to the can.

Handprints On T-Shirts

When our children were younger this was a great hit as a fathers day crafts choice.

You will need:
Purchased plain white T-shirt of good quality (in dad’s size and toddler size
Different colors of fabric paint
Old plastic containers
Flat work surface covered in newspaper

Wash and dry the T-shirts.

Pour some fabric paint into individual plastic containers. Press your toddler’s hand into the paint and then onto the T-shirt. It’s best to start with the lightest color. Wash hands and do the next color. Continue until the shirt has hand prints all over it.

Use a paintbrush to add the year on a sleeve.

Hang up to dry. When dry iron the T-shirts to fix the paint, then wash again. These make great gifts for proud dads!

Favourite Music CD

Each year my older children make a CD for their dad with a compilation of his favourite music. Simply gather together your CD’s and rip the favourite songs onto a new disc. Get your toddler to “draw” a nice cover on some white card and slot it into the CD case.

Coffee Mug Filled With Treats

Purchase a coffee mug for your husband. Let your toddler fill it with jerky, biscuits or small chocolates. Wrap in cellophane and tie with raffia.

Daddy And I Book

This is one of my favourite fathers day crafts and can be made along with any of the ideas above and put with the cookie jar or breakfast tray below.

You will need:
Stiff card
Acid free coloured paper
A selection of photos of your children and dad
Photo safe glue
Two Hole punch

Cut the card and paper a little larger than your photos. Get your toddler to help you glue the photos onto a piece of paper, either randomly or in chronological sequence. Make sure they place them over to the right so that you can bind the book on the left.

When all the photos are stuck on, stack the pages together with the stiff card (front and back) and punch the left side with your two hole punch. Bind with raffia.

Decorate the front cover. You can add some father’s day quotes (see below) to the picture pages or just write the date of the photo and a memory.

Fathers day activities

Baking cookies

Bake a batch of cookie for dad, place them in an airtight jar and let your children give them to dad to snack on at work during the week.

Making breakfast

Get your toddler to help with some simple breakfast tasks for dad. Depending on what he likes, you can do something simple like fruit salad and yoghurt, to croissants and jams or a full blown farmhouse breakfast with eggs, bacon and all the trimmings!

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Father's Day Quotes

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. ~Author Unknown

The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad! ~Author Unknown

I love my father as the stars - he's a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart. ~Adabella Radici

A man never stands as tall as we kneels to help a child. ~Author Unknown

A father is someone we can look up to no matter how tall we get. ~Author Unknown

A father’s love warms the heart of his children forever. ~Author Unknown

One night a father overheard his son pray: Dear God, Make me the kind of man my Daddy is. Later that night, the Father prayed, Dear God, Make me the kind of man my son wants me to be. ~Author Unknown

A father’s love warms the heart of his children forever. ~Author Unknown

"Train up a child in the way which he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22:6

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