Toddler Party Games

For this age group, toddler party games need to be short and sweet.

This page has ideas for fun and easy toddler party games - most require little or no preparation.

All are non-competitive games - toddlers cannot cope with the idea of winning/losing.

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Tips For Party Games

  • Toddlers' short attention spans mean that you only need a few short games.
  • Space the games out - some near the start, some after the food.
  • Make sure you have you got enough space to do each game - especially if some of your guests are a little boisterous!

They will not concentrate for long periods of time and really should just be allowed to play with or alongside their friends.

Toddlers are also not very good “losers” at party games so rather than choosing a winner, let all the children receive a sticker at the end of the game.

Treasure hunt

We like to pre pack the party food into packets or boxes decorated with the party theme. We then hide the boxes and set up some simple clues or trace footprints and lay them out on the lawn for the toddler to find.

Musical bumps

Make this simple by placing some cushions on the floor and playing some music. When the music stops, they must each find a cushion to plop onto.

Musical Animals

Play some music, and when it stops the children must move around the room as an animal (all the children are the same animal). You will have to show them which animal each time - younger toddlers won't automatically know how a dog etc behaves. The youngsters then copy your animal impression.

Pass the parcel

Wrap a small gift in some pretty party paper. Then add layers of newspaper but place a sweet between each layer. This way each child gets something. Get the toddlers to sit in a large circle (it’s often a good idea to have moms sit behind their toddlers to help pass the parcel on and toddlers like to hang onto it). As the music plays, they need to pass the parcel around. When it stops, the child holding the parcel removes one layer of paper and eats the sweet. Continue until the last layer is done and the prize unwrapped.

Sheet/sweet game

Get all the toddlers to hold a section of the sheet and shake it up and down softly. Empty a box of small sweets onto the sheet and let them shake it gently. Any sweets that fall off can be eaten.

Toddler Party Games Try Bubbles

Always one of the great party games for your toddler! Buy enough bottles of bubbles for each party goer and let them blow bubbles outside.

Simon says

Play a game of Simon Says. Keep it simple.

Crocodile river

Lay out a balancing beam on two bricks. Make sure then beam is wide enough for the toddlers to balance. They need to walk across the beam without falling into the “river”. Consider these gross motor activities for toddler party games!

Can you be a …?

Choose an animal for the toddlers to imitate…walk like a penguin, roar like a lion, jump like a kangaroo etc.

Parachute Party Games

These are great non-competitive games that toddlers love. They don't always 'get' the games, but the cooperation and social skills that they encourage more than makes up for this. Visit the page on parachute games for more information.

Ring a Ring o' Roses

This traditional children’s game is always a favourite.

For unorganized toddler party games you can consider hiring a ball pond or setting up splash pools and sandpits.

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