Toddler Seasonal Activity
Ideas for summer, fall, winter and spring

Use toddler seasonal activity as a great way to track the changing seasons with your young child is to make a seasons poster.


  • Divide an A4 piece of board into 4.
  • Draw 4 tree trunks on. Label each one in turn by a season.
  • For summer glue on cut out cardboard leaves and red apples, autumn - leaves in red, orange and yellow, winter leave bare or with cotton wool for snow and spring leaves in a bright green with pink “blossoms”.
  • Laminate and make a little cardboard arrow for your child to move when appropriate. Attach the arrow with a brad in the centre of the board.

As the seasons start to turn the arrow to show the season.

Need More Fun Toddler Seasonal Activity

Rain Gauge

If you are in an all year round rainfall area you can make a simple rain gauge by cutting a 2 litre cooldrink bottle in half. Insert the upturned pouring side into the bottom half. Mark off 1 inch/cm measurements on the bottom and check after each rainfall.

Weather chart

Using the same principle as the seasons chart divide your cardstock into 4 sections. Label each part in turn "Sunny" "Rainy" "Snowy" "Cloudy". Place your arrow in the centre and allow your little one to check the weather and move the arrow each morning.

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Each seasons activities can be found at the following pages:

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