Toddler Housekeeping Play

Toddler Housekeeping Play
Let your toddler enjoy some imaginary play and learn about chores at the same time.

Set up
1 quick
2 planning required

Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved

1 12 - 18 months
2 18 - 24 months
3 24 + months

Create a
toddler housekeeping play corner

Guidelines: (2-2-2+)

To help toddlers learn to work alongside you do their chores have fun together making these box appliances.

You will need: About 3 large boxes from appliances (TV, microwave etc), black white and red tempura paint, scissors and packaging tape.

Purchase: A kiddies set of brooms and mops, some plastic food and cutlery, pots and pans.

Set up a Toddler Housekeeping Play painting area outside or in a place where you can wash down the space once you are done. Mix up your paints and together with your toddler paint your boxes white. When they are dry decide together what each should be. You can make:

  • An oven and stove – Paint 4 stove plates on the top side. Cut a door in the front that can fold down.
  • Kitchen cupboard – Tape two boxes together, cut doors in each folding out to one side. Paint a handle on or make a hole and thread some thick string through the hole. Tie a big knot on each end of the string.
  • A microwave oven – Cut a door out that opens to the side. Cut a central square out of the door, fill the open space in with clear plastic (use the packaging tape to keep it in place)
  • A fridge – if you have a tall box you can make a fridge with a big door at the bottom and a small one at the top. You will need to cut up other boxes and use your packaging tape to make shelves

Arrange these “appliances” and purchases in a Toddler Housekeeping Play corner and let your toddler enjoy some imaginary play. Encourage them to clean the area before moving onto another game.

Bible link for moms – Proverbs 31:17

She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.”

Having toddlers in the home is an exhausting time. There were times when my children were little that I would flop onto the couch at 8 or 9 pm and be asleep in an instant. But during those days my prayer was always that God would make my arms strong for my tasks.

Very often the way we are about cleaning up and working in our homes is the same attitude our children eventually adopt. Therefore be sure to check you own attitude about housework. We also can choose to accept the season we are in when we have young children and have nice quiet days spent at home instead of cramming in lots of activities and ending up feeling rattled at the end of the day.

If you are feeling weary and your hurricane toddler is wearing you down there are 3 things I recommend:
1. Make sure you are taking time for yourself – this is another reason for doing as much of your housework when your little one is awake.
2. Make sure you are renewing your mind to this wonderful thing you are doing – the task of raising children is one of the hardest and most time consuming thing you will ever do – and the most important!
3. Set your cleaning up boundaries with your toddler from young – with gentleness and grace.

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