Toddler Fall Activity

Cool weather toddler fall activity ideas

Set up
1 quick
2 planning required Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved Age
1 12 - 18 months
2 18 - 24 months
3 24 + months

Leaf mobiles

(Guidelines 2-1-3)

As you go on your nature walks collect large whole leaves in a variety of fall colors. Collect two branches of similar size at the same time. On a cool day when you can be outside join the two branches in the centre to make a cross. Tie with string and then extend a line of string in a loop which will eventually be the piece used to hang the mobile up. Using thin sewing thread tie each leaf to a place on the branches – differing the lengths so some are shorter and some are longer. This part is a little fiddly so take your time. Hang your mobile somewhere that can catch a gentle breeze.

Leaf Rubbings

(Guidelines 1-1-1)

This is a favorite toddler fall activity for all ages particularly older children who are not ready to draw for nature study. Choose a selection of leaves and turn them over so the veined side is upwards. Place a piece of white paper over the leaf and using a wax crayon on it side, gently rub all over the leaf until the leaf outline appears. Repeat with all the leaves you have collected. This toddler fall activity can be repeated anytime through all seasons.

toddler fall activity Leaf colours

(Guidelines 1-1-2)

When your little one knows their basic colors it is a great idea to introduce them to the hues that are seen so vividly in autumn. Teach them colours like “rust-red”, “golden yellow” and other combinations as it is relevant.

Pumpkin activities

(Guidelines 1-2-3)

Pumpkins are always associated with fall. Making Jack-O-Lanterns is a fun, although a bit messy, fall toddler activity. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin fritters and pumpkin stew are also great ways to get older toddlers to enjoy cooking with mom.

Pine cone bird feeder

(Guidelines 1-1-3)

Food begins to become scarce in the fall and pine cones are normally prolific. In our home we enjoy collecting the cones for upcoming winter fires for cold evenings but we always set some aside to make feeders for the birds.

You will need: Pine cones, peanut butter (sugar and salt free), wild bird seed, string.

Smear the pine cone with peanut butter
Roll it in the birdseed
Tie a length of string around the top and hang in a tree
Replace as necessary and make sure it is in a spot where you can view form a window

Apple activities

(Guidelines 1-1-3)

Apples are also prolific during fall. Here are some activities to choose from:

  • Cut an apple in half and dip in a shallow tray of paint (green, yellow and red) and make apple prints on paper.

  • Make apple pie for pudding with your little one

  • Brush up on your apple facts together

  • Make an apple poster by cutting out an apple shape from red card. Glue it onto green card stock.

  • Draw on a stalk and leaf. Punch a hole through one part of the apple and curl a coloured pipe cleaner through the hole as a pretend worm.

Nature walk - Leaf piles

(Guidelines 1-1-All ages)

Nature study and nature walks are something that is beneficial to all ages in all seasons. Never underestimate the way your toddler can "lay up a good store of knowledge by their own observation" (Charlotte Mason) out in nature. There are also times to teach your child and also times to just enjoy being together out in creation. This is one of the times. Purchase your little one a plastic rake and get yours out of the garden shed. Rake up a decent pile of leaves and then jump in it. Enjoy the crinkly crackly sounds together.

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