Toddler Winter Activity
Indoor and outdoor cold weather fun!

Toddler Winter Activity, enjoy this beautiful season with your toddlers.

Set up
1 quick
2 planning required

Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved

1 12 - 18 months
2 18 - 24 months
3 24 + months

"Snowball fight" (Guidelines 1-1-3)

While not all countries get snow at winter time, this “snowball fight” is fun anywhere! Take you soft scrap paper, squash into balls and divide between two (or more) baskets. Make a shelter for each player behind tables or chairs. Throw your “snowballs” at one another. Call a truce to pick them up and start again. Watch out for eyes getting hurt!

Dress up (Guidelines 1-1-2)

Take out summer and winter clothes from your child’s closet. See how many layers you can get on to make an “abominable snowman”. It is also a good idea to begin building up a good store of dress up clothes. Some ideas are: old shoes, bags, scarves, shawls, hats and jewelry.

Snowman poster (Guidelines 2-2-1)

Use some blue or black card stock as your base. Use white paper to cut out circles (three from big to small). Let your little one glue them onto the blue or black. Add other features with felt tip pens. If you can – go and build a real snowman.

Toddler Winter Activity Fun

Cutting snowflakes (Guidelines 2-1-2)

Fold white A4 paper into 4 or 6. Cut out a series of snips over the folded edges, making sure you leave some intact. Open out to show the design. Stick them on your windows for the sun to shine through the holes. Ensure scissor safety with your toddler.

Snow jar (Guidelines 2-2-3)

You will need a small clean empty jar, silver glitter, a plastic ornament with a winter theme, water and a hot glue gun. On the inside of the jar’s lid arrange your ornament and glue with hot glue gun. Fill the jar with water and some glitter. Put hot glue on the inside rim of the lid and seal. Allow to set. Then turn the jar onto the lid for a “snowfall.”

Winter pine cone craft (Guidelines 2-2-2)

In winter food is scarce for many animals. Help them out by doing this fun toddler winter activity. Smear a few pine cones with peanut butter. Roll them in wild bird seed. Tie a piece of string around the centre and hand in your trees. Make sure the pine cone is visible from your windows so that you toddler can see the visitors.

Snowman chain (Guidelines 1-1-All ages)

Fan-fold a piece of white A4. Snip it to make three round sections making sure you leave enough of the fold intact. Unfold to show a snowman chain. Use felt tip pens to add a carrot nose and coal eyes and buttons.

Hibernation activity (squirrels, bears, owls) (Guidelines 1-1-All ages)

Use your library to get some books on hibernating animals. Look for clear pictures with a little text. Read these to your toddler. Set up a den with pillows, sheets and blankets for your toddler to “hibernate.” This toddler winter activity is one that my children played way beyond the little years.

Nature walk prints in snow and mud (Guidelines 1-1-All ages)

Bundle up and go for a nature walk. Look for prints in the snow or mud and look back at your own that you have made. If you are happy to, make snow angels with your toddler.

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