Toddler Craft
Easier Than You Think

This section has lots of ideas, for a great toddler craft session, that are easy to enjoy with your child.

It is also a great fun way to learn and answer their simple questions in a way they will understand.

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A Toddler Craft
Can Be Free Or Guided, Let Me Explain

Free Crafts are when you let your toddler loose to be creative exactly as he wishes. You merely provide the materials. Can involve a lot more cleaning up.

Guided Crafts are where you control what your toddler does. For example if you are creating a birthday card together, you might only let her paint with one or two colours, or provide a limited range of decorations to be glued on to a gift tag, as shown here. 

Which is better - free or guided crafts? -

Neither. It just depends on what you want from the activity.

Guided crafts have the advantage of allowing you both to create a pleasing end product that will mean a lot to friends and relatives - such as a hand print calendar, or toys and pictures that your child can enjoy them self.

The various pages in this section all concentrate on guided crafts - but don't forget that free crafts can be enormously enjoyable for young children.

If you (like me) can't see the beauty in the inevitable dung colour that results from mixing every single colour in a box of paints - your toddler would tell you that there's just no accounting for taste!

Here Is How A Daily Act Turned Into A Learning Experience With Colours

One example with one of my boys, was when he wanted to see what was in the potty, before it was removed. It hadn't crossed my mind that this was a new discovery waiting to happen.

Then the questions, "why is it that colour"?

So the best way to answer, was to get the box of paints out and talk about what he had eaten. Then for every food mentioned, a colour was picked, and a little put on a paper plate.

So we had tomato, and red was blobbed on the plate, followed by orange, yellow, green, brown and so on.

The paints were then mixed together, and yes the questioned was answered, followed by an "ERRRRRRR"

More Crafts To Explore

Toddler Craft Ideas
Original but straightforward techniques that can be used in a range of cards, calendars, pictures and gifts.

Easy Crafts for Young Children
Suggestions to simplify creative activities. There are lots of great little tricks to help busy parents and carers spend less time preparing and more time enjoying crafts.

Christmas Crafts
'Tis the season to be crafty! Not just a page, but a whole section with original ideas: Christmas cards, homemade presents, Santa yet attractive projects.

Halloween Craft Ideas
How to make a flying bat, Halloween mask, bookmark and more - simple, fun and above all gentle mini projects.

Homemade Puppets
Simple homemade puppets for toddlers that you can make with cheap materials. Get your child involved in decorating them, and encourage their creativity.

Are you looking for ideas for craft techniques or alternatively tricks to make crafts easier?

Both spending a fortune and artistic talent are optional here in the Toddler Ideas craft zone!

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