Toys for 1 year olds

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While your child’s first year was focused on learning physical skills like sitting, holding things, moving around, their second year is going to see them grow in leaps and bounds in so many other areas. The biggest thing they will begin to master is speech.

But when it comes to toys for 1 year olds there are so many options for you to make help them reach their other developmental milestones. These toddler toy ideas will also give you some ideas to stimulate your toddler at home.

Just remember that toddlers don’t always have to play with toys – let their imaginations feed them and you also do not need to feel that you have to play with them the whole time. Let your toddler learn to play alone for a little while each day.

Indoor Toddler Toys

Classification Toys
Plastic cars, farm animals, dinosaurs, reptiles and other type of toys can all be given to a toddler to play with and sort. Just make sure they are not small enough to get stuck in their mouths.

Dress up
A box filled with bags, hats, scarves and other such items are wonderful for your toddler to dress up. Be aware of a toddler pulling something around their neck and then not being able to get it loose. Toddler imaginary play is covered on my website here

Blocks for manual dexterity
A container of blocks is one of the best toys for 1 year olds. They have many uses from now until your children are much older. We still use the same blocks for my children after 14 years for all sorts of things. Buy a good quality wooden block kit.

Knob puzzles
1 year old toddlers do still battle with the fitting together of the normal puzzles, which is why knob puzzles are ideal for them. The knob forms a little handle that they can hold onto and slide (rather than fit) the shape into the right slot.

No matter what age or gender all toddler should have a baby doll or two to mother!

Construction toys
Duplo and wooden blocks are a lifetime purchase and are used all the way through primary school. Worth every cent!

Quiet time
Musical boxes and activity centres are wonderful toys for 1 year olds, with all the little knobs and buttons. You can also strap them to the side of your toddler’s cot for them to wind down to sleep or just after they have woken.

Board and clothe books for toddlers are wonderful for a quiet cuddle before bed. A pile of them can also be placed into your toddler’s cot for waking up time.

Bath toys
Plastic beakers and nesting cups and water wheels are great for bath time!

Musical Toys
Musical instruments, including home made ones (like the tambourine on the bottom of this page) are always good. Put on some music and make more music with your toddler.

Toddler educational toys
As all of play is learning when it comes to childhood, these few items are more "schoolish".

Purchase some sidewalk chalk.
Colored chalk and black board easel
Balls of all sorts and sizes are great for all sorts of games, balance and fun.
Stacking nesting toys
Pushing toys - especially for an early walker.
Shape sorter toys are wonderful for dexterity and recognizing similarities.

Outdoor toddler toys For 1 Year Olds

This list of outdoor toys for 1 year olds is worthwhile buying over time for your toddler’s outdoor play time. Please keep an eye on your little one while they are outdoors. Take a book or magazine and sit out there with them. And remember never leave your toddler alone around water. Recently a fellow homeschooling mom’s 2 year old son drowned in their garden pond. This must be one of the most devastating things to happen to a family. Please be diligent!

Pushing toys for pre walkers
Paddling pool
Jugs cups to pour
Sand pit, buckets and spades
Climbing toys and frames

Toddler ride on toys
Great for gross motor development! When our children were smaller we used to have little black plastic "motorbikes" that they could ride on. They would ride everywhere outside in the yard and also during non-peak traffic times around the block when we took our nightly walk. A great selection of ride on toys for young toddlers can be seen on this page's left margins.

Homemade toddler toys
Take a look at my recycling crafts for ideas on homemade toddler toys. And be sure to visit my toddler fine motor activities for easy household items to help your toddler develop their motor skills.

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