Real Practical Toddler Discipline Tips

Do you need some real toddler discipline strategies that you can put into practice right now, but don't know where to start?

The first step to managing your young child better is understanding toddler behaviour. Toddlerhood is a really challenging time - think of all the speaking, toilet training and other physical challenges that take place in this period. This means that life is frequently frustrating for your child, which leads to what looks like 'naughtiness' but often isn't.

Why Bother With Toddler Discipline?

The biggest cause of toddler problems is attention seeking. The bad news is that it's as natural as breathing to your average 2-year-old - there's no point trying to change this. The good news? You can easily turn attention seeking to your advantage.

Prevention is not just better than cure - it's much, much better. Toddlers are far more predictable than the rest of us in what motivates them, which makes preventing problems easier than might appear.

Anyone can learn how to respond to discipline problems. Coping and staying calm while you're at it is not a special gift that those (non-existent) perfect parents have. There are specific tricks that anyone - and I mean anyone - can learn.

What about spanking? This is a complete no-no, and not just because it's unfair - it just doesn't work in the long run. Remember that you have to deal with the consequences of your actions in the future, when your little one isn't so little unless your toddler is planning to leave home anytime soon, check out the pages listed below for some more effective toddler discipline ideas.

Go easy on yourself. The perfect parent doesn't exist, so don't expect yourself to be one! Everybody has their faults - we all make mistakes doing this, the hardest and most important job in the world.

Using positive discipline as much as we can means that when we lose our temper (as all parents do at one time or another), the incidents are isolated rather than the norm. If a toddler hits out once and is allowed to do it again, the second time will be easier to them. Same goes for a parent!

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