Toddler Behaviour Problems

Toddler behaviour problems, can become exaggerated and so very stressful to you the Parent, those around you, but also for the small child who has no idea what is happening or  he/she is doing it.

Read this problem and see if there are any answers that work for you.

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Hopefully Toddler Behaviour Problems Has The Advise That Can Help

I have a 2 year old son who at the age of one was a complete angel! Now he is a terror! There are times that he can be calm cool and collected, loving, and caring but not very often. He hits, he bites, he pulls hair, he yells, and the most recent will run away. he doesn't listen!

I don’t believe in a gentle slap on the hand because I don't want to teach him that it is OK. I have tried time outs and that just makes things worse, I get down to his level and he just hits or spits. I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried reasoning with him, giving him options, ignoring the bad behaviour and rewarding the good.

I don't know what to do anymore, he gets enjoyment and laughs when I say what he is doing hurts, or is bad, it is like he is practicing to be a bully! I am going in for surgery in a few weeks and I definitely need him to be calmed down a bit more.

Also whenever he is outside he is gone! We will go for a walk and he will be good for the first 500 steps but after that he refuses to hold hands or be carried, he just runs, the other day he ran right across the street when cars were coming and he thought it was hilarious I was so angry.

Maybe This Advice Could Help

I think there are some toddlers who are very challenging and do not respond to the usual discipline techniques. When toddlers behave like this it's generally linked to lack of language and resolves itself when the child can express themselves better.

A friend of mine had a son with similar problems to yours and it was a case of trying new ideas out, and just perseverance.

Well done for not resorting to slaps, if you do he would soon get worse. It's hard but you have to see beyond the present moment to the future when he will imitate your behaviour. So if you keep up the calm discipline now, you'll reap the benefits when he gets over this phase.

Remember that when he is being naughty, he has your full attention, which is what he wants. Maybe when you are in a safe environment, try ignoring the screams for a short while, then as soon as there is a lull, engage with him quickly, "shall we read a book"?. If the bad behaviour continues, return to what you were doing. Again on the next lull, "shall we read a book"?. Eventually he will understand the code.

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