Toddler Birthday Party Food

Toddler birthday party food - At a toddler birthday party you are catering for two groups: parent and children. It is best to set up two tables one for the adults and one at the height of the little ones.

Fun food items are intended to be served alongside more simple party food , such as bread sticks, chocolate fingers and pizza.

Do not feel you have to make every single item madly interesting!

Cold Foods

Soft chips like flings or cheese curls.
Cucumber and carrot sticks and avocado dip (broccoli florets are also nice!)
Home made pure fruit juice ice lollies (brought out when needed)
Fresh fruit – a platter of sliced sweet melon, pineapple, watermelon and strawberries is always eye catching.
Pure fruit juice diluted with water in a jug with plastic cups

Warm Foods

Cocktail sausage rolls
Mini pizza’s in quarters
Chipolata sausages and a little bowl of tomato sauce to dip

Along with the birthday cake, this is more than enough for toddler birthday party food.

You can send each birthday guest home with a little bag of sweets.

Homemade Examples

An example for your toddler birthday party food, you can see how the funny face cracker livens up this plate of food. Your toddler guests will be so excited by everything that is going on that no more preparation is required.

These are easy. Simply take a piece of bread, cut off all the crusts, spread something delicious on it, and roll it up as if you were making a Swiss roll.

Put the roll in clingfilm or aluminum foil and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before cutting into these pinwheels.

Fillings that are a hit with toddlers include:

  • Cream cheese
  • Egg
  • Chocolate spread
  • Jam

The original recipe for pinwheel sandwiches tells you to slice a loaf of bread length ways. However for toddlers, I prefer the much easier option of using normal slices to make these funky mini pinwheel sandwiches.

Try Funny Face Crackers, Sweet Or Savory

It is easy to put these funny crackers together. Be aware that they do tend to go soft if prepared a long time in advance – so you need to make them up shortly before serving.

If you are organizing all the games etc, then get someone else to do this. Some adults prefer this job to playing party games!

Alternatively, if there are only a small number of children, they could make their own funny cracker – but you need one adult for each child to help them.

Spread cream cheese on each cracker, then decorate as follows:

Multicoloured Cupcakes

This is the quickest fun toddler birthday party food idea that I have thought up or come across.

To make these, all you need do is make up the cake mix as normal. I buy ready to mix packets. Then divide it into bowls – 1 bowl per colour you require. Add the food colouring to each bowl as shown here.

Fill the cake cases with a spoonful of each mixture. The colours won’t run together, and they will come out looking like this. Now you are ready to decorate them any way you like. If you are short of time, undecorated cakes still brighten up a plate of finger food.

Toddler Birthday Party Food;
What About Adult Party Food

Chips and dip
Crudités and dips
Depending on the weather either tea and coffee or juice.
Apple pie
Milk Tart
Cheese cake.

For some wonderful inspiration when it comes to baking cupcakes for toddler birthday parties, visit All About Cupcakes where you can find step-by-step instructions on baking and decorating the perfect cupcake for every occasion. Also explores the world of cupcake-inspired products - crafts, pinatas, party games and more.

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