3rd Birthday Party

By your child's 3rd birthday party you will have noticed their emerging character and interests. This is a great time to consider a specific birthday party theme.

For gifts consider some of my toy recommendations to suggest to relatives and friends.

A 3rd Birthday Party To Remember

Top tips for a great birthday party:

If you are hosting it at home (recommended for simplicity) then make sure that your toddlers toys and room is protected from wandering toddlers. Moms tend to get involved in conversations and toddlers wander off. Make sure that you have a restricted area for the party with plenty to keep them busy.

Your invitation list is determined by your budget and space available.

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Invite those friends closest to the family and your child. There is no need to invite everyone from play groups and other situations. Too many children cause the party child to become overwhelmed very quickly. Click here for some birthday party invitations.

Have a gift basket at the door out of reach of little hands. If you choose to open presents while the party is still on then use this same basket to pop them into as soon as they are opened to prevent damage to your child’s gifts. You can also just leave them unopened in the basket for after the guests have gone, which is recommended at this age.

And hour and a half to 2 hours is more than enough time to allocate to a 3rd birthday party. Also be sensitive to your child’s sleep times when planning a party and try to plan a time when Daddy can be there too.

Plan a few simple party games such as pass the parcel, musical statues and follow my leader. Be warned that this is a difficult age when it comes to winning and loosing and their may be tears involved for some who don’t win in the game.

Some parents like to hire an entertainer for their children’s parties or hire jumping castles for easy entertainment. There needs to be constant supervision at the jumping castle.

Besides for the normal toddler party food, consider a treasure hunt for them to find their party bags which can be filled with their sweets for the party.

For party favours consider putting together a small pack of pencil crayons for each child.

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