Toddler Birthday Party Themes

Toddler birthday party themes - A concise and specific directory for toddler birthday parties.

Want to make your child's birthday extra special? There are lots to choose from - and they need not cost a lot to organize.

Theme parties for toddlers can be as low-key or full-on as you like. You can have themed cake and decorations only, or have related games and the children dressing up.

Try A 2 Colour Theme Party

This is a really easy toddler birthday party theme to have. Choose 2 colours, and everyone must wear at least 1 item of one of the 2 colours. This is less of a headache than limiting it to one colour - let's face it, boys will be a bit stuck for ideas for a pink party!

The great thing about a colour theme is that toddlers who hate dressing up won't even notice they are complying with the dress code.

At the party you could:

  • Organize face painting - paint the guests' faces in one or both of the colours
  • Use food colouring to create cakes, bread etc in the 2 colours
  • Put food colouring in water and paint on the ground in the backyard
  • Have a scavenger hunt - place items in the 2 colours around the party venue
  • End the party on a calm note by having a colouring activity

Try A Pirate And Princes Party

The advantage of a pirates and princesses party is that it is relatively easy for the children to dress up for. Many toddler girls already have some sort of princess outfit - a fairy costume will do just as well. Alternatively borrow one from a friend's daughter.

Some boys may not want to dress up. This was the case with my son when he was invited to a Pirates and Princesses party. He wore one of his stripey t-shirts and nobody minded in the least - if this worries you speak to the host beforehand.

What to do to make it a pirates and princesses party:

  • Everyone makes pirate hats or tiaras when they arrive
  • Have a simplified treasure hunt with chocolate money as hidden treasure
  • Have a castle or pirate flag birthday cake
  • Use sea shanties as music for the party games

How About A Farm Or Zoo Animal Theme

One of the best toddler birthday party themes is a farm party. My son attended a really well thought-out farm themed 2nd birthday party last year. At this party there were:

  • Invites in the shape of tractors
  • Games like musical animals and songs such as Old Macdonald
  • Bales of hay (borrowed from the local farmer) to sit on in the garden
  • A tractor cake, and tractor decorations

You could also have the party at one of those farms that welcome visitors, which often have play facilities on site. Some of them organize parties - check in advance.

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