2nd Birthday Party

Your toddler's 2nd birthday party can be such fun. Now is the age to include games and some special friends, but still keep the day low key and short. 2 year old's get tired and overwhelmed very quickly.

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A 2nd Birthday Party Already

Here are my best tips for a 2nd birthday party.

If you wish you can choose your toddler’s favourite theme for the party. Decorate and plan food accordingly. See my birthday party themes.

Choosing a time that suit you and your toddler’s friend in important. Early morning before mid day naps or later afternoon is better.

But the decision is yours, you may find that help will be needed. Make the whole day enjoyable, do not stress. I found that most parties were from 2pm until 4pm.

Choosing a venue, if you cannot accommodate them at home, is also something to consider. A park, botanical garden or forest is a lovely place providing there is shade and it is safe. Don’t make the party too long if you do not have access to clean public toilets.

If you choose to have the party at home, then you have much more variety for toddler birthday party food. If you are taking the party outdoors you will need to plan carefully. If your 2 year old has a summer birthday then be sure to take lots of liquids along for all.

For your 2 year old birthday party you can plan some toddler party games whether you are at home or away. You can also plan some simple toddler party ideas where the little ones can choose what to do.

Some ideas that have worked for us at home:

Water play
Sand play
Bikes and trikes to ride
Small tents to play inside
A box tunnel
Ball pond
An black board easel and chalk for them to draw on

Some ideas away from home:

Fold up tents
Treasure hunts
Portable plastic slides

If you did not have a party when your toddler turned one, you will benefit by reading all about the basics for party planning at my 1st Birthday Party article.

At this age a lot of toddle begins to suffer with separation anxiety. Be sure to read my top tips about dealing with a little one who battles with this.

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