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Why Does My Daughter Have Temper Tantrums ?

My daughter is 2 years 8 months old. She always has tantrums when we go shopping or to the park. The tantrums happen when is time to go home.

When we are about to go, I try explain to her that she must behave. But it is incredible the tantrums that she has.

Nothing seems to work.

Hopefully This Helps

The good thing is that her tantrums are predictable and so you can plan ahead to minimize these outbursts.

It is possible that the tantrum is an expression of not understanding what is happening when it is time to go.

When it is time to go, why not suggest that your daughter says 'Bye Bye' to the park or shops. This is a small ritual that will help her understand that the activity is about to change.

Do you have a specific activity that follows the park or shopping? One of the best ways to bring an activity to an end is to tell your toddler what is about to happen. This doesn't have to be exciting, but because young children have no concept of time, they like to know what is happening next. For example "Say bye bye to the park. Now we are going home to play with your dolls".

Or "let's go home and tell your dolls what you have done"

Or " Lets go and tell Daddy, or Nan or Granddad".

In this example, your daughter has something to think about (her dolls) which will help to make her forget the park etc.

Always give a warning, 5 minutes before you have to. We all like to be prepared. Children of all ages will always want a minute more, so be prepared.

I would avoid saying she 'must' leave the park. Of course all parents have to restrict toddlers' natural will and assertiveness, but there is a lot you can do before resorting to the word 'no'.

Toddlers are very predictable, and it's easier than you might think to get them thinking your way!

Important: there is no guarantee that any of these ideas will work immediately. You might have to repeat these techniques for some time before they take effect. Take heart: the positive results (and there will be positive results as long as you persevere) will continue beyond toddler hood. You will gain confidence in managing your child's temper tantrums, and she will learn how to behave. It's a win-win situation.

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