Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Not just great fun, but they support behaviour too.

Want some good Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers and preschoolers? Look no further.

These suggestions have 2 advantages:

1. They are good inexpensive activities in themselves.

2. They help with problems caused by the excitement over - and consumption of - too much chocolate.

Remember though that any sort of activity like these will increase your toddler's "boisterous ability" by a factor of roughly 100.

In other words, expect liveliness and don't start blaming it all on the sugar!

More Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Tiny egg hunt - scatter lots of small chocolate eggs around the garden or inside your home.

Break up a traditional chocolate egg and place the pieces inside or out. You may need to wrap the pieces.

Boiled egg hunt - not as spoilsport as it sounds if you decorate the eggs beforehand with your junior Easter hunters.

Outside-The-Box Hunt - This is where you indeed think 'outside the box' and create a hunt for non-edibles. Believe me, most toddlers are young enough to accept this without protest as long as you get excited enough about it. Why not have a search for hidden pictures of eggs, bunnies, chicks, daffodils etc? 

Attach the pictures to your garden plants with washing pegs.

After cleaning and drying an open egg shell, write a name or secret message, to help with the excitement of the hunt.

Get your children to paint their egg shell. Say, each child has a colour. Then hide the painted eggs. Each child will then have to fine their own colour. Great learning game, and so much fun.

General Tips

Invite some friends round for the Easter egg hunt. The more the chocolate is shared around, the less your child has to eat. Use your judgement - how many guests are too many?

Always have lots of things to find, and enough for every child to find. Having just one egg to look for is a (chocolate) recipe for disaster.

Accept that this sort of activity will make your child very, very excitable - even if it's just the two of you. Don't attempt it when s/he is tired.

Remember to teach your Toddler right from the earliest age, that dogs must not eat chocolate. All a young child wants to do is be a carer for his/her dog, or any dog they have supervised access to. Chocolate can be very harmful to a dog. So remember when hiding the eggs for the Easter hunt, that pets cannot get access to them, and Toddlers must not share their eggs with a dog or puppy.

Another popular Toddler treat that must not be shared with a dog is grapes. Its always wise to look up little facts, to keep your dog safe from silly mistakes, and to save a toddlers heart ache should something happen.

Need some Christian Easter Crafts, to follow your Easter egg hunt ideas?

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