Rainy Days
Activities For Your Toddler

Rainy days activities to help see you through a wet afternoon with a toddler. On this page you will find some great ideas.

One thing we in the UK are really good at (apart from talking about the weather) is managing to amuse our kids in the worst kinds of weather.

...So you've come to the right place for coping with RDBT (Rainy Day Bored Toddler) Syndrome!

In other words, don't let the downpours get you down!

An Indoor Picnic Is An Easy Idea For Your Rainy Days Activities List

This fun indoor picnic is a refreshing change from normal mealtimes. Why not put a rug or blanket down and pretend you're in the park?

If you have a play tea set, your child will most probably love drinking from the tiny cups and eating off the mini plates. A tea set is also a great carrot to encourage good behaviour.

What To Eat

Dorothy Einon's Pre-School Play Book has a creative idea for fun sandwiches - cut them out into funky shapes using playdough or pastry cutters.

Alternatively you can cut the sandwiches into squares, triangles etc yourself.

Use cake cases to serve other food in. These oven proof reusable cake cases are great for little puddings and healthy snacks, for example:

  • Greek yoghurt and chopped banana
  • Flavoured yoghurt mixed with oats
  • Crisps or raisins
  • Fruit and mascapone cheese, topped with flaked almonds. Delicious grilled - but that might be too much preparation in this instance.

I really like serving sweet things in cake cases because the portions are smaller and young children tend to eat less sugar this way!

Washing Up Show It As A Fun Thing
Not A Chore

This is a great one to add to your rainy days activities, keep in mind it  can be messy, but if you approach it with the right attitude it can be lots of fun, and teach your toddler about clearing up.

Make sure he can reach the sink. Is the chair/stool he is standing on secure enough? Is the water warm, rather than hot?

Squeeze the washing up liquid into the water together.

The key to washing up with your toddler is to only wash a few unbreakable items (the tea party items only), and not worry if they are still dirty at the end. Let him hold the brush or sponge and have a go at washing the dishes.

If you are starting to feel stressed, abandon sink!

Time For A Break

If possible, get some time to yourself now. Your toddler can now take her afternoon nap, play independently or watch some television

Puddle Splash

It is a really good idea to get outside, especially if you have been in all morning. Grab your wellies and go for a puddle splash!

The idea is very simple - to jump in as many puddles as possible. If you have a pair of wellies, put them on and join in - your little one will love that you are playing one of her games.

If you are out in the countryside and want to avoid deep puddles, a bit of reverse psychology might work. Choose a shallow puddle and announce "I bet you can't step in that puddle" - then go mad with excitement when she splashes in it.

It is a good idea to keep back a couple of the snacks or desserts from the picnic to encourage your toddler to come home.

Other Rainy Days Activities

More ideas for things to do, especially if your little one still has loads of energy after the puddle splash.

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