Toddler Games

A great resource for toddler games so that you can have some fun together. This section is full of games to keep your youngster amused for as long as his or her attention span can manage.

We all know that toddlers love to play. However, playing is not just for fun.

It Helps Children:

  • Make sense of the world
  • Develop co-ordination
  • Learn social skills, such as sharing (even though it sometimes doesn't seem like it!)
  • Build on their creative and imaginative powers

Here you will find a strong emphasis on saving money. Have you ever noticed that a toddler can play for hours not only in the sandpit, but with a cardboard box or a bowl of water and some empty bottles?

The latest state of the art games have their place, but should never take over from the good old-fashioned fun that springs from a toddler using their imagination.

Toddler Games Helper

Toddler Imaginary Play
Imaginary play is what will make up the majority of your toddlers day. Be sure to encourage it with some of my ideas.

Toddler computer games
You will find our best selection of toddler computer games on this page. All tried and tested and full of educational value for your toddler.

Free toddler online games
Play some free online games with your child for a little bit of fun!

Toddler Educational Games
Take advantage of these educational games to have some fun with your toddler at home.

Toddler Learning Activities
This toddler parenting article is about how you can create a learning rich environment for your toddlers in your home.

Toddler Action Songs
Have a little fun with your toddler and these action songs!

Toddler Birthday Party Games
Toddler party games need to be short and sweet. Take a look at my favorite games for toddler birthday parties.

Toddler Travel Games
Taking long distance trips can be trying on a toddler. These tips and games can help to win you a few quiet moments.

Learning and Educational Toys and Games for Kids
Education Games for Kids, is packed full of the best educational games and toys for kids of all ages

Toddler Parachute Games, for Home or Parties

Educational and fun learning game for your toddler or young Children. Play with a sheet or table cloth, instead of buying a parachute, then add a plastic ball and see it fly.

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