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Toddler Development Advice Needed For My 13 Month Baby Boy

MY 13 MONTH OLD BABY BOY has been a fussy baby from day one. For that reason I've found that having a schedule for him makes our days go smoother and it has but lately he's been having these crying bursts after nap, while playing out side( this was his favorite place),and every time i leave him on the floor to play. I've thought of teething or separation anxiety but I am running out of guesses. Please I really need some toddler development advice.

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This crying could be down to one or more things. It could be what you say or something else altogether:

1. Teething is generally quite easy to spot – drooling, red cheeks, terrible smelly nappies, slightly raised temperature. It will last longer than just playtime.

2. Separation anxiety – this can happen at any age, I’m no fan of these experts that put it into the under-1 box. My son got it at age 2 and a half! It takes time for a toddler to understand that if you go out of the room etc that you will definitely come back. Things you can do:

  • Sit in the room/yard but at a slight distance so he feels safe
  • Don’t vanish when he's not looking
  • If you have to leave the room, talk as you go to other room so he knows you are still around
  • Play peekaboo. Hide yourself under a sheet etc

3. It may be frustration – one of the things that separates toddlers from babies is the fierce desire for independence, yet he is still very dependent on you. Is he getting upset over a toy? In this case help him – see these tantrum prevention strategies for some ideas about this.

4. I think the most likely reason is he just wants your attention – this is the hallmark of toddler hood, and no parent in the world has enough to satisfy their toddler’s needs. My instinct would be to change his routine – have some reading time or play with him after his nap. BUT don’t try to satisfy his attention seeking all the time – part of being a toddler is learning to compromise and share. There is always a certain amount of ‘weathering the storm’ of toddler emotions as a parent, you cannot change everything.

Don’t be nervous of changing routine with a toddler – they do adapt quite quickly. I hope that this contribution to toddler development advice has helped.

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