Toddler Educational Games

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When you look at this following list of toddler fun and educational games, remember that all play is educational and stimulating for your toddler. It is also good for mom to give herself completely over to them, so choose a time when you have no other distractions.

Hide and seek-
This can be played with your toddler taking turns to find you, or you just looking for them or even with a Favorite toy.

Spot the colour-
Choose a color and get your toddler to spot it everywhere around the house.

Spot the shape-
Choose a shape for a day and get your toddler to show you the objects with the same shape.

Ball games-
Rolling, kicking (outdoors), throwing, catching – all are possibilities. Choose big softer balls which are easier to catch.

Bean bag games-
Throw beanbags into washing baskets. Catch beanbags, throw beanbags…or even balance them on your head!

Toddler Educational Games Such Fun

Puzzle races-
Choosing some easy puzzles, get your toddler to make as many as they can in a set time. If the timing stresses them, leave it out! Check out my other fine motor control ideas!

Toddler bingo-
Take photos of things around the house. Import them into a word document and arrange in a grid of 3 by 3 pictures. Get your toddler to search them out in the house. Cover the pictures with a matching size card until all are done!

Musical cushions-
This is an adaption of the favorite party game. Lay out some cushions around the room. Play some music and when it stops your toddler needs to plop down on a cushion closest to them. Remove the cushions one at a time.

Find that sound-
Hide from your toddler with a small bell, maracas or chime. Tell them to find you by following the sound of the instrument.

Box games-
Old appliance boxes are wonderful for imaginary toddler games. BE sure to look at my box tunnel and housekeeping ideas.

Sorting games–
Toys, cars, laundry, shapes, colours, anything including socks and shoes can be sorted.

Matching shapes, socks, colors, common objects are also great toddler educational games.

Be sure to look at some of my toddler action songs and toddler finger plays.

How about simply drawing a smiley face on your fingers, and use them to talk to each other. Sing songs with your fingers popping up. Get your toddlers imagination going.

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