Free online toddler games

Play some free online toddler games with your child for a little bit of fun!

While online computer games should never be your toddler's characteristic entertainment, there is nothing wrong with a little fun now and again.

Each of these games has been carefully chosen for content and fun.

Free Online Toddler Games Reviewed

This page has reviews of three free online toddler games that my son and I have road tested for you and your toddler.

All the games recommended in this section require no more dexterity than pressing a random key on the keyboard, or clicking on the mouse. Both of these a toddler can do with your help.

It goes without saying – supervise and encourage your toddler while she is playing – and always have a time limit. I find that 20 minutes is a good guideline for this age group.

Game Reviews

Games For Younger Toddlers is a great site with refreshingly straightforward free online toddler games – each one involves a short animated sequence with sound effects. Your toddler presses any key (they find the space bar easiest), which triggers the next animated movement and/or sound effect.

My son absolutely loves this – on landing on the homepage he spotted the train icon and now does not want to try any of the others (underwater adventure, musical instruments, peekaboo etc) – your little one might just want to play one game to the exclusion of all others. If this is the case, load up a different game before you let the child anywhere near the computer.

Kneebouncers is a pleasant surprise in that it is one of the few ad-free sites you’ll see on the web these days

Games For Older Toddlers

I found two fun toddler computer games that both stretch my son's language and cognitive skills:

The Ceebeebies dressing up game is my son’s favourite. By clicking on the mouse, the player chooses which clothes to dress the clown in.

Your toddler will get most out of this game if he already knows a couple of clothes words – 'shoes' and 'trousers' will suffice. He then learns the others as he plays.

The BBC has a reputation for quality content that you can trust, and like kneebouncers, was advert-free when viewed.

Just noticed that the dressing up game described below has now disappeared from the BBC website. Maybe they are doing an update on it. Try this Jungle Game instead!

This Fisher Price shapes & colours game is another good game for older toddlers. Various shapes are shown with sound effects. The shape and colour are stated, and the toddler repeats with you, then presses any key to show the next shape.

My 34 month old son is semi-confident with colours. The first time we played this game, he found naming some of the shapes quite challenging eg 'rectangle' and 'triangle'. In fact these were way above his head but he enjoyed repeating the words.

The following day he when I fired up the computer, he said ‘triangles circles’ with improved pronunciation

More To Explore

Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder has a whole lot of things he needs your toddler's help with!

Berenstein Bears

The Berenstein Bears have 6 games for you to choose from whether you want to hear a story, go on a picnic or dress a bear, they are all here for your toddler, and more!

Scholastic online games

Scholastic has a few games for you to do with your toddler.


Boowa and Kwala have 639 free online toddler games for you to try. From puzzles, to silly stuff to print and color!

Fisher Price

Fisher Price has a great selection of online games for your toddler. I like their advice that you sit down and familiarize yourself with some of them before you let your toddler loose.

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