Toddler Computer Games

You will find our best selection of toddler computer games on this page. All tried and tested and full of educational value for your toddler.

While computer games should never be your toddler's characteristic entertainment, there is nothing wrong with a little fun now and again.

Each of these games has been carefully chosen for content and educational value.

This was the first computer game that we introduced our children to. It was used for many years in our home with each successive child. We found that they moved onto the Kindergarten game around 3 years of age.

Dorling Kindersley

Toddler Computer Games
We love DK computer software and even though we no longer use the toddler ones (our children have grown up!) we have a lot of their other programs which are invaluable in our children's learning. The second two can be introduced around 3 years of age.

Reader Rabbit
Reader Rabbit toddler computer games are recommended by many.

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