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Encouraging parents to include some toddler music activities in their children's day.

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No doubt that sometime in your toddler’s life you have seen them swaying to music on the radio or to a CD that you are playing. If they are a little older, perhaps they dress up in fancy dress outfits and dance to music as well.

I have even seen little sitters who are not mobile yet bobbing up and down on their bottoms. Yes, toddlers are musical and it is a wise parent who takes this opportunity to encourage a love and appreciation for music in their young child.

So then, how does a mom go about encouraging her toddler to enjoy music and song? Here are some simple ideas that will slot right into your day with your little one.

  • Songs on CD for car journeys. These can be anything from simple nursery rhymes to Bible songs.
  • A CD player (out of reach) in your toddler’s bedroom for quiet time play or pre-nap. These should be classical music CD’s like Bach and Mozart.

    Music time in the day when you can bring out a basket of instruments for you and your toddler to play along to the music.

    Try some of these toddler action songs for a bit of fun.

    You And Your Toddler
    Music Activities

    If you are not a music lover yourself, now is the time to start educating yourself. Perhaps you only like one type of music? Try to broaden your musical tastes. Do not rush out to buy something you are not going to be sure to like, rather use your library to “test drive” some classical and other music types.

    If you settle on a composer or artist, then buy one or two of their CD’s to play with your toddler.

    Setting aside a 10 – 20 minute slot in your day to bang on a toddler drum or shake a tambourine can be a fun time for both you and your toddler. Be sure, however, to choose a time when your toddler is not tired or grumpy. Also remember that this kind of activity will hype your little one up so do not choose to do this right before bed or nap times!

    Character building

    You can encourage your toddler’s developing character by getting them to care for their musical instruments wisely. Make sure they do not toss their instruments around, but carefully place them back in the instrument basket when they are done.

    Bible link for moms

    The Bible is full of references to music. We also know what impact music can have on our children as they grow. Take the time now to develop a taste for good music, including the classics and worship music, in your children.

    Consider doing this easy musical instrument craft with your toddler.

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