Teaching A Child To Speak With These 4 Easy Ideas

4 Practical Things You Can Do Today In Teaching A Child To Speak.

What you see here is a summary of the ideas supplied by a speech therapists for my 3 year old son, who is speech delayed.

These are only practical ideas for you to try. Obviously, if you think that your child has a problem, then seek professional advice.

Summary of the 4 ideas

#1 - Lay out 4 items they can confidently name. Now hold up 2 pictures of 2 of the items. Ask them to point to one of the pictured items (without indicating which picture to point to).

Remember to practice this a few times. When the speech therapist did this with my son, he got it apparently wrong, mixing apple and car up.

However I cannot tell you the number of times he has pointed to and named an apple without prompting.

This just proves that toddlers are swayed by what they like over what an adult is asking them to do. My stubborn son will not perform on demand either!

Teaching A Child To Speak Takes Patience And Repetition

#2 - Encourage 2 word phrases by expanding one the single words they already use.

more apple
big car
red book

#3 - Repetition, repetition - and a bit more repetition! Be patient while you endlessly reel off your carefully constructed phrases and no response is forthcoming. It takes a long time for children to reproduce what they are absorbing. Think of your hard work as a long term investment.

#4 - Pushing a car to each other. This may not seem to help speech development in toddlers, but it is! The same concentration that is used in turn taking is necessary for learning to talk.

There may be 100 reasons why your child has delayed speech, some could be a problem. My son by the age of 3 years knew 4 words. It was a kind friend who mentioned that she could not understand them, and that I was anticipating hearing the word. My first stop seeking medical advice made me look like a pushy Mum. "He knows 4 words, where's the problem"!

My next attempt showed that the poor boy had severe Glue Ear and could only hear occasionally. Hence slow speech development. Once he had Grommets put in, Tonsils and Adenoids out, perfect hearing. Everything then followed.

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