Toddler Rainy Day Activities

This page has ideas for rainy day activities to keep your little one entertained all morning on those days when the bad weather just won't break. Part II has ideas for the afternoon.

This plan is just a suggestion - change the activities according to your needs and your toddler. Every child is different, so move activities around to suit you.

Remember that rain can be exciting and a great learning experience.

Rainy Day Activities can include
The Great Toy Tidy Up

Start your day by sorting out your toddler's toy box, shelves etc.

The aim is for you to finally get round to finding that lost jigsaw piece, or missing toy hammer for your son's workbench...the list goes on.

Your toddler will enjoy playing independently with his toys by your side, while you start sorting them out. The variety will appeal to his short concentration span.

The best way to sort toys out is to get a few bags/containers of different colours together.

Put all jigsaw boards and pieces together in a box or bag (to be sorted individually later), all duplo in another container etc.

This way, whenever you pick up a stray item it can go straight into a designated place.

Avoid stress meltdown by having a "miscellaneous" box for bits and pieces that seem to belong nowhere.

SAFETY WARNING: Avoid using plastic bags. If you have no alternative, be sure to tidy them out of your child's reach afterwards, to avoid danger of suffocation.


Painting, printing, drawing and other crafts are all good rainy day activities.

Try to set this up while your toddler is still engrossed in his toy box.

Ideas for craft activities:

Hand Prints Use finger paints, which are thick enough to make a good print. For extra sparkle, sprinkle glitter on the wet print. Hand prints can be used to make birthday cards, calendars etc.

Butterfly Painting Cover up one half of a piece of card, then draw a butterfly wing outline on the other. Now your child fills in the outline. Fold over the card (while the paint is still wet) to print the wing on the other half.

For more ideas, go to the section on toddler crafts.

Break Time

If your toddler has the concentration to watch television, there is nothing wrong with 15 - 30 minutes sit down in front of the TV. It is a good conversation springboard for older toddlers.

I find that I can control how long the TV is on for with DVDs because there are no upcoming trailers for the next programme. My son is no doubt about what "Only 1 more Thomas the Tank Engine" means!

Younger toddlers who have no interest in television can play independently while you (hopefully!) sit back and put your feet up.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

This simplified version of the well known children's activity costs little in terms of time or money.

It is one of the most exciting rainy day activities for any toddler, whether alone or with friends.

I use to attach a few clothes line pegs around the room. Depending on your child, keep the colours to a minimum. Maybe 2 red pegs. 2 blue pegs and 2 yellow pegs. Attach them to the bottom of the curtain, a cushion even your own sleeve. (As a secret). Then have 3 pieces of colour papers or even pens. You got it 1 red, 1 blue and 1 yellow. Your child will then pick a colour paper, maybe turn it over, or shut their eyes and take a coloured pen from a box.

Then the hunt is on for them to find the matching colour. Red Pen = Red Peg, and so on. Great simple learning game that's fun and active.

Need More ?

More things to do with your Toddler on a stay in for a while day.

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