Jellyfish Craft for Toddlers
by Tracey (AU)

Jellyfish Craft for Toddlers

  • Paper plate Jellyfish
  • Materials
  • Paper plate (not too waxy)
  • Black paper/cardboard
  • Crepe paper / cellophane
  • Pencils/Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Sticky tape

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Jellyfish Craft for Toddlers Sent In For You To Enjoy


1. Cut a paper plate in half

2. Get your toddler to colour the half plate in for the jellyfish

3. Cut some round eyes (and a mouth if you like) from the black paper/cardboard. Get your toddler to glue these in place.

4.Cut lengths of crepe paper or cellophane in strips of various lengths. Get your toddler to glue / sticky tape the strips along the straight edge at the bottom of the jellyfish (see pictures).

Comments for Jellyfish Craft for Toddlers


by: Sony 

Really interesting! I think it is one of the best crafts for toddlers. I am very much impressed on this piece of work. I am sure that my kid will like this Jellyfish craft very much. I am expecting more from you. Keep updating! 

by: JAMES 

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