Toddler Paperbag Teddy Craft
by Dee (Monogorilby, Queensland, Australia)

Craft items required:

Plain paper bag with an outline of a teddy drawn on one side
colouring in pencils or crayons
scrunched up paper or tissue paper

After colouring in the teddy and using stickers for eyes, nose etc, stuff the paper bag with scrunched up paper to fill out legs, tummy, arms and head. Use glue inside the paper bag around the edges and at the top to seal the bag.

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Toddler Paperbag Teddy Craft

by: Sula 

The toddler paper teddy craft that is discussed here on the webpage is so beautiful and interesting. I hope that children will like this idea of the toddler paper bag very much. Thank you so much for sharing such a great idea. 

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