Original Indoor Activities For Toddlers

There are plenty of indoor activities for your toddlers, baby and their older siblings. But sometimes they need to be shown what is available. So lets engage their young minds and grow their imagination. This page has lots of original ideas for indoor activities that your toddler will love.

Let's start off with Trap or Tickle...

Simple Indoor Activies

What I really like about Trap or Tickle is that it needs no resources at all.The rest of these activities will need a few bits and pieces, but they are things you'll probably have round the home anyway All these activities can be done with one or more children.

Trap or Tickle is just a very simple games to be played with an adult and small child.

The adult can sit down with the child facing them, then you are simply going to ask your toddler "Trap or Tickle"?

If the answer is "Trap",  then the child can run to you and you trap them in your arms, and they get a big hug.

If the answer is "Tickle", then the child can run to you and they get a little tickle.

This sounds so simple, but small children love it. I know it isn't one to play all day, but when a small child is sad, and won't allow you to hug them, they usually come around to a play suggestion. Then you both get what you want, a hug. This is also a great distraction game, so keep it up your sleeve for that moment.

When you have exhausted the joys of play dough, building yet another tower and baking fairy cakes, try any of the ideas below.


Move your sofa away from the wall far enough to make a crawl space - this is your 'tunnel'. Put a chair at either end that your toddler can crawl through. Now drape 1 or 2 sheets over the chairs and stretching along the tunnel's length.

Fort or Castle

Drape a sheet over a table. Take it in turns to hide under the fort and play hide-and-seek. Your toddler will enjoy hiding in the tunnel while you put your feet up and cluelessly announce 'Well, I just don't know where Alice has got to!'

Find The Timer

This is simple - hide a kitchen timer that ticks loudly enough to be heard, and your toddler looks for it.

Be careful not to make the hiding place too hard - go with your child if you think she might get frustrated by this activity.

For younger toddlers, hide the timer in the same room, maybe hide it in a sock.


Take advantage of how much toddlers love to help out around the home. Ok, it's not like having a domestic PA on hand, but at least this is one of those indoor activities that mean you won't have to do everything when your little one has gone to bed.


  1. Sort out all your clean laundry, while making it into a game for your toddler. Get him to put all socks, trousers etc in different piles. He can then match up all the socks.
  2. Helping you load up the washing machine.
  3. Toddlers who are not scared of the sound of a vacuum cleaner can 'help' you hoover up by sweeping. Tell them how important it is for them to sweep in a different part of the room to the vacuum cleaner. Having been tripped up by the broom more than enough times, I know how annoying it can be!

Plenty More Indoor Activities

Rainy Day Activities has a whole day's program of toddler entertainment for when the weather is bad.

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