Pumpkin Shape Matching
by Jennifer (Ohio)

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Pumpkin shape matching

1. Cut out pumpkin shape and stem; attach stem to back of pumpkin.
2. Cut out small black shapes of your choice, 3 of each shape(3 circles, 3 triangles, 3 rectangles, etc.). These are the shapes used for the pumpkin's eyes and nose.
3. Cut out yellow shapes, slightly larger than the black shapes, that the child will match to the black shapes.
4. Cut out a yellow pumpkin mouth and allow child to glue it onto the front for the face.

Pumpkin Shape Matching Sent In So Your Toddler Can Enjoy

5. With a small piece of tape, attach one set of black shapes (i.e. 3 diamonds) for the eyes and nose of the pumpkin.
6. Allow the child to select the matching yellow shapes to place on top of the black shapes.
7. Continue this with all of the black and matching yellow shapes.
8. Do a few "mixed up" pumpkins with three different shapes for the eyes and nose.
9. After the child has matched all the shapes, allow him/her to select their favorite yellow shapes to glue on for a "final" face.

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