Glitter Glue Pictures 

By Sarah (South Africa)

Working with glitter can be a bit tricky with young ones and it can get into young eyes and cause a lot of pain. Glitter glue is a great way for toddlers to make great pictures, bookmarks and other decorations.

Simply print off your favorite coloring pages and then let them outline them with glitter glue.

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What fun! 
by: Wendy 
This is a great idea when you need something in a hurry!

That was a fantastic idea to draw pictures using glitter glue. My children have been using the glitter glue to make pictures and all. They are fond of doing such activities. Thanks for sharing this post here! Go ahead with such posts! 

safety concerns

by: Anonymous 

 Read the label carefully before using glitter glue with toddlers. Some glitter glue is not for children under 3.

Enjoy your glitter glue pictures

Hints And Tips

Learning to hold and use a crayon helps your child's fine motor skills, and early writing development, and is an important skill to master.

Traditional sized crayons are not ideal for toddlers as they find them very difficult to hold, and once they do, they tend to press very hard and break them.

They will find jumbo crayons much easier to grip properly, and as they are strong, they are far more forgiving under pressure. And their triangle shape will keep them from rolling off the desk.

All children love to paint, but it is something that most parents avoid as they hate to clean it up. Spill proof paint cups make painting much more fun for you both.

There is a no spill brush holder, and the colourful pot lids keep paints fresh, and where it belongs.

There are other less effective sets around which are a bit cheaper than this one, but I think it's worth investing in something that does the job properly.

Using No-Spill paint pots will save you a lot of spills and clearing up. This set comes with large, color-coordinated handles, which will help with fine motor skills and color recognition.

These pots are large enough for more than one painting session, and have a selection of colored caps, making it easy to choose the colors you need.

When I was small, early learning finger painting was something that I could only do in old clothes, with newspapers over the table and floor. Not a problem with these washable finger-paints.

They come in the primary colors, and because of their size, it's easy for little hands to squeeze the paint out.

The only downside to these paints is that, as they are washable, they are quite transparent, so they are not so great for mixing.

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