Toddler Bedroom

How will you plan out your toddler bedroom? Here are some ideas.

Toddlers need to have a haven, a place to play and a place to sleep. When my children were toddlers I didn'’t have much money to throw at furnishings so we found ways to still make their room comfortable, safe and a place they loved to sleep.

Play space

If you have the space, your toddler toys can be kept in a separate playroom. If not then the toddler bedroom is the place! Here are some simple tips to organize the play space in your toddler bedroom.

#1 – Not too many toys that break into small pieces. Duplo is one of the exceptions to this rule though. My children were raised on Duplo and still love their Lego now that they are older.

#2 – Those that do break into smaller sections should be kept in large containers with a clear picture stuck to the outside of what is contained in that box. This makes cleaning up easier.

#3 – Sturdy shelves are better than toy trunks. Toy trunks tend to become rubbish collectors. Shelves tend to be much more accessible and also less likely to be the cause of an accident. I know of countless little fingers that have been caught in a toy trunk lid.

#4 – If you have wooden floors then a nice comfy carpet is a must have. This is great in winter and also defines an area without taking vertical space.

#5 – Cleaning up one toy before taking out the next is something you can begin to teach your toddler, however, it will take a long time for this habit to become entrenched, so make sure you build into your day a time when you and your toddler can sort and pack away together as a chore.

Toddler Bedroom With Some
Quiet time space

Even after my toddlers gave up their daytime naps, we still had quiet time periods in the day. After lunch suited us best. At this time my preschoolers would look at books, play with soft toys or lie on their beds and listen to story tapes.

We had a box of quiet time toys that they could play with only at this time as well as certain books to enjoy.

We bought big beanbags for their room so that they could flop into them and play or read quietly. Sometimes my 5 year old would drag it into a pool of sunshine on her bedroom floor and after the hour was up and I would go to her room to let her know, she was fast asleep in the bean bag, book on chest bathed in gentle sunshine.

Learning place

While I believe that all of life is learning, I always set aside a space in my children’s bedrooms for their “learning toys”. Depending on their age at the time this moved from knob puzzles to normal puzzles, Duplo to Lego, picture story books to chapter books etc. Messy things like crayons, playdough and painting were done in the kitchen.

Sleep space

All my children love their beds! Being sent to bed as a punishment was never on the cards for us. Their beds are a place for them to recharge, to relax, to read and often to play.

When choosing bedding for your toddler, may I suggest something that will grow with your child for a few years? I know it is tempting to buy the Barney, Barbie or Care Bears bedding sets, but these fads in our little ones lives last for such a short time that you may just end up buying a new set each year. This is neither frugal nor necessary.

The same can be said for unique toddler beds and toddler bedroom furniture. They grow so fast and if you buy a “car bed” it will likely have lost it’s appeal in a couple of years.

A bedside table and lamp is always a nice addition in your toddler bedroom, but surfaces can become clutter collectors if not monitored.

We also added a CD Player for our preschoolers so that they could listen to music and story tapes before lights out. Choose these carefully as you do not want to hype your toddler up before bed. We have loved Majors for Minors over the years.

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