Potty Training
What's Best For You And Your Child

Potty training is one of the biggest steps to independence that your toddler will take.

It is an area that is full of conflicting advice - so where do you begin?

This section aims to provide you with the an unbiased overview of the various points of view on the subject, using both expert theories and parents' real experience.

You will also find useful tips and practical suggestions to guide you through what can a very confusing time for both you and your toddler.

A List Of What To Find In This Potty Training Section

Potty And toilet Training Toddlers

A Great Place To Start, before you embark on getting the potty ready.

How To Start Toilet Training
Confused about where to begin with the whole process? This page has some ideas to get you started.

When To Start Toilet Training
What are the 4 main things to consider before training your toddler? Timing is more important than you might think.

Toilet Training Techniques Explained
An easy to understand summary of the 3 main methods of training toddlers to use the potty or toilet.

Early Toilet Training
When is 'early' simply too soon to start training your child? This page provides some guidance if you feel your young toddler is ready.

Toilet Training Made Easy
Four strategies to train your child withn the minimum of stress. Being relaxed about the process often means that toddlers actually gain confidence - and control - sooner rather than later.

Anti-Diaper Rebellion!
Read this advice given to one mum with a nappy-ripping toddler.

Story - First Time Around

Potty and toilet training a toddler doesn't always go according to plan, and it's easy to expect too much. Read about the mistakes I made here.

Toilet Training A 3-Year-Old
One mum's story - and the benefits of waiting until your child is older to teach them independence.

Reading potty training stories to your toddler is an excellent way to encourage what can be a long and drawn out process. Nobody is perfect and in spite of your sterling efforts to show a relaxed attitude to accidents, sometimes the stress sort of...leaks out (sorry, couldn't resist that one!)

Toilet training books have good scope for humour...

...and we all know how a good laugh can help get over conflict.

I have found this invaluable in helping both my toddler and myself move on from potty training stress!

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