Easy Potty Training
A How To Guide

Is easy potty training really possible? Follow the suggestions given below and watch your toilet training stress levels drop.

You may find that taking a more laid-back attitude means that training takes longer than if you follow a stricter programme.

On the other hand, if you can find a relaxed way to lead your toddler through this important stage in toddler independence, he or she will gain a lot of confidence and could well train themselves sooner rather than later.

Here are 4 tips for an easy life potty training:

For Easy Potty Training
Adjust Your Attitude

A fundamental first step to potty training made easy is to relax about it. Your attitude influences how confident your toddler will be when it comes to toilet training.

So...how do you become that perfect, poo-adjusted parent?

Shut out all the white noise about other children who are out of nappies or diapers before their second birthday - your toddler doesn't care about other's accomplishments and neither should you. Feeling pressured to speed things up means that potty training - never mind easy potty training - is harder than ever.

Accept that your floors and carpets are going to be christened - perhaps many times over. If you have ever learnt to drive, remember back to all the times you stalled the engine. Did your driving instructor lose her temper when this happened? (Hopefully not)

See the final tip below for an easy way to deal with poo accidents.

If you are going through a particularly stressful time, it might be worth delaying the whole process. When we are under stress, it's harder to be calm about accidents - and you could find toilet training counter-productive if you don't choose the right time to start.

Better Late Than Never

In her useful and down-to-earth guide Potty Training, Dr Jane Gilbert points out that bladder capacity increases greatly between the ages of 2 and 3.

Experts are clear about this: the later you begin toilet training, the easier and quicker it is.  

Let The Child Self Train

This is where you avoid imposing a potty training timetable on your child.

Instead, leave a potty lying around and perhaps read some potty training stories for children to plant the seed of inspiration in the toddler brain. You might choose to give him some regular 'commando time' (no nappy) and see what happens. This is an effective tactic if your child has an older sibling or friends that he can copy.

Another way to let your child self-train is to use pull ups, or training pants. Helen from Shropshire says:

"I just put my kids in pull ups and took them to the loo or potty routinely after drinks and meals. When they went anti-potty I just left it for a while. I never let them out of pull ups until they were genuinely clean and dry, as there is nothing worse than carting wet clothes or washing out poo filled trousers.

Less stress equals happier parents equals happier kids."

Carpet Cleaner

One final, practical suggestion for easy potty training:

The worst thing for many parents about toilet training is dealing with poo, or even worse - diarrhoea. We were given a mechanical carpet cleaner when training our son, and it took away all the stress of trying to clean up carpet stains. They disappeared as if by magic!

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