How To Get Your Hands On Free Toddler Games & Toys

Free toddler games and toys, its easier than you might think to find then.

In spite of what the department stores might tell you, it's not necessary to spend a fortune to keep your little one amused at playtime.

There are 3 types. 

  • Boxed games and toys that you get on special offer, or borrow.
  • Games that need no new resources.
  • Homemade toys.

I will talk about each of these in turn, so come on down to my bargain basement!

Special Offers & Borrowed Toys


Shop wisely and choose Buy One Get One Free offers. Buying a birthday present for another toddler? Bingo! You get a free game or toy for your little one...or just buy 2 small items instead of one big toy or game.

Of course the right BOGOF deal may not be on near the time of the birthday, so plan ahead. Keep your eyes open all year round for good deals, and grab them while you can.

For Free Toddler Games Toys Trikes Try Your Local Recycle Center

This is a website where you can give and get unwanted items completely free of charge. It is worldwide, but operates on a local basis - you join the group in your area.

Give away that water butt that you never use and just clutters up the garden – the following week you get a bag of jigsaw puzzles just right for your toddler. Visit for more information.

Check your local recycle center, many will have rows of Trikes, Bikes and more. Which still have life left in them. Obviously they will need to be cleaned and checked over.

Toy Libraries

Toy libraries operate on the same principle as book libraries, and are a great way to get free toddler games. Young children tend to play with one game or toy repeatedly for a time, then get bored of it. They do not necessarily need to keep them.

Visit your local general library to find out if there is a toy library near you

Swap With Friends

If a toy library is not available or too inconvenient, why not set up your own arrangement with a friend? Both children get a new toy for a while.

Use swapping with friends to explain to the older toddler the concept of sharing (although s/he may still be too young to accept this). There is no harm in trying this idea out with toys and games that your child is not overly attached to.

Avoid swapping games with small parts than get lost easily, and stay age appropriate.

Games That Need No New Resources

Toddlers can get as much pleasure out of a cardboard box as the latest battery-operated bank balance drainer. Go to the Toddler Activities section, which has a range of original cost-free games that your toddler will love - and find out how this kitchen timer can be used in a fun game.

Set the egg timer, hide it,  then your toddler has to find it before the buzzer sounds.

Homemade Toys

As toddlers develop, so does their imagination. You don't need an art degree or expensive materials to create toys that young children want to play with over and over again.

It is also easy to get them involved in making their own toys.

How about:

  • Rockets made from plastic bottles and painted;
  • Stacking toys made from washed yogurt pots, toilet rolls, cardboard boxes etc;
  • Sand and water toys using a sieve, plastic cup, etc.

The great thing about giving free toddler games and toys is that it stretches not just the toddler's imagination, but yours. You will start to pick up play ideas from everyday objects around you - and save even more in the process.

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