ABC To Reading
Learning Games
And Educational English Games

ABC to reading, learning games and educational English games help tackle the difficulties children have when learning letters and words.

At times, if children are having trouble grasping a subject, they can often feel pressured, frustrated and insecure.

I remember playing an English learning game with a 5 1/2 year old girl in our nursery, when you asked her what letter is this.

ABC To Reading But Slowly Slowly

Rather than trying to answer, she would say as many letters that she knew. She would also through into her answers a mix of numbers she could remember.

She would feel very pressured and work herself into a state, just wanting to get away from the situation.

Through encouragement and not pushing her, only two months later the same girl had confidence with letters, and feeling more self-assured she would ask about letters and enjoy letter and word games.

What We Did

To do this, at first we stopped a direct one to one letter teaching approach. Instead, we let her simply play with letter and words jigsaws.

When it came to story time we would read the Letterland ABC Book to her.

This is a great book that tells a story about each letter of the alphabet, it has lovely colored pictures for each letter, but also has many objects in the picture that corresponds to the main letter on the page.

We would also play the LetterLand Alphabet Songs CD when the children were having dinner or during their free play.

By taking this approach, children who were having trouble grasping letters could observe and listen to what was going on, without having to get directly involved. They could stay comfortable and feel secure.

Then, when we were playing abc to reading learning games with the rest of the children, we would help her by saying out the letters, or start saying the answer, and then giving lots of praise and encouragement when she answered.

Children will always manage to pick up new skills, but often they will only do so at their own pace. This is nothing to worry about, and as long as you offer your child plenty of praise and encouragement they will feel secure and loved.

Towards the end of the page I have included some suggestions for ABC to reading learning games that will help to tackle the difficulties many children will have when learning letters and words. But if your child is having particular difficulty in recognizing letters and their sounds, you may wish to use a Phonic approach to learning letters.

Teaching English Using Phonics

ABC To Reading

Teaching English reading using Phonics requires your child to learn the connections between letter patterns and the sounds that they represent.

English can be split up into four sections speaking, listening, reading and writing. On this page you will find English and ABC to reading learning games and activities that you can do with your child, to help in each of these areas.

Reading To Children must not be overlooked, as this will teach them so much about words and sentence structure.

And as their reading develops you can start to introduce your child to some really helpful educational Reading games, as well as educational spelling game and fun word Games.

Teaching Kids To Read
And Reading To Children

ABC To Reading

Teaching kids to read and reading to children is a fantastic way to bond and enjoy each other's company.

When you're reading to your child, your child is taking in a mass of information. They learn how to hold a book, to turn pages from right to left, to look at the pictures to see what is going on in the story, and see the letters that make up the words to their favorite stories.

They will watch the movement of your lips and listen to the sound that comes from your mouth, including the volume, the pitch and the rhythm of the words you say.

They will also notice the pictures in the book, the colors, the movement and the feeling of the story. While listening to you they will learn to concentrate, listen and communicate and they will be expanding their imagination and building on their vocabulary.

But teaching kids to read and reading to children does not seem that important to some parents. I taught in nursery for some years and believe me there is a vast difference in children who have been read to, and those who have not.

In our nursery, many parents told me that they had no time to read to their children, a shame as it only takes about ten minutes to read some of these short stories.

How very sad that many parents do not the time available or do not understand the importance of reading to children as a tool for teaching kids to read.

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Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever, is a great read and really drives home the importance of reading to children to help in teaching kids to read, as well as developing many other skills.

It's written by Best Selling Author Mem Fox, and in the book Mem reveals how and why reading to children is such a benefit for children. It's full of advice about how you reading, can capture your child, as well as tips in choosing the best books to read.

If your child is having trouble with letters and words playing early English learning games will help your child to feel self-assured about English, letters and words, as will introducing your child to reading Phonic games.

Playing learning to read games that are enjoyable as well as educational can Make English Fun!

When you read a story, as your child starts to become familiar with the words, encourage them to join in and help you by reading some of the easy words. With practice you will be reading together, and eventually they will be reading to you. There are some great teaching kids to read games that can help you with this.  

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