Kids Crafts And Art
To Feed Children's Imagination

Kids crafts and art feed their imagination as children express their feelings by what they draw, make and create, and by using different colors, textures and patterns, they can depict excitement, calm and curiosity in their design.

To encourage their art skills and expression, let them try different materials, tools and techniques such as painting, printmaking and modeling clay, and allow them explore with color, pattern and textures, as well as line and tone, shape, form and space.

Great Kids Crafts Activities

Tempting as it may be, don't do their work for them or correct them, but do encourage your child and help them strengthen their own work by asking what else they could do to make it even better.

Talk to your child about what they have drawn and help them focus on the parts that are more detailed and realistic, so they can build on their own strengths.

Design is a great activity for children that can also be used to strengthen their Math skills.

This can be done by creating a design for something like a fancy-dress outfit, that can be sketched out first, and with help, they can work out how much material they will need and what fabrics are most suitable.

With your child, you can help them to work out the cost of the outfit before you purchase the materials you need, and start to make the outfit together.

By doing activities like this, your child will be using both sides of their brain, the creative and the analytical side. But they won't realize that they are also learning Math skills, while taking part in kids crafts and art activities.

Around the age of 7 years old the kids crafts and arts tasks that they should be able to do include...

  • Explore and express ideas in color, shape, form and space.
  • Experiment with variety of materials, tools and techniques.
  • Be able to comment on differences in others work.
  • And suggest ways of improving their own work.

Creative Early Learning
With Crayons and Paints

Creative Early learning will help your child develop fine motor skills as well as gain confidence, self-expression and a creative mind.

For your toddlers first go at creating a masterpiece, until they develop their fine motor skills, they will need to use stubby crayons and a large sheet of paper.

At first they wont have much control where the crayons go on the paper, but as with all other skills, practice and more practice, with lots of encouragement and praise, will help them gain confidence and master this skill.

Children naturally love to make things, and like nothing more than showing you their handiwork. For a young child, crafts and other artistic activities are great for confidence building and self-expression.

As your child develops introduce Painting as great fun learning game!

Before you start, make sure that you have everything you need to have fun with paints, you'll find some great painting tools and equipment below.

Creating a pleasant working area for your child to paint will make things easier, and make sure the area is prepared for spills and splashes so that they can just enjoy the experience.

You can make up paints with powders or buy pots of poster paints. One or two colours in spill resistant pots, with a thick stiff brush should be a good start for this creative learning painter.

Don't give your artist to many colors at one time, as they will dip their brush into each pot and they will end up with the color brown.

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