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Education Games contributor, a story. Hi,I'm 31 years old and for the last three years I have enjoyed putting this editorial together. Why did I start writing. Well it all goes back to when I was small.

As a child I loathed school. I was a nightmare! I would make myself sick, and not on purpose, but through the feelings I had inside about school. 

I would have tears in my eyes as I got on the bus, even when I was 13/14 years old.

And no I was not bullied, or picked on (I got asked that a lot). I had a great group of friends! I would have sleepovers, go out shopping, to the cinema or just hang out at each other's house.

But school just was not for me, I think a lot of the teachers would have, put me in the, "not going to amount to much" category, and on paper I would probably agree.

I was off school more than I was there, most weeks I would have a day or two off. It's easy to say, "it's the parents fault," but they saw how much it was affecting me.

The turning point was when I was sent to do work experience. I went to a private nursery for a week, working with children from 4 months old, up to 5 years.

I had a fantastic time, and time went flying by, and I then knew what I wanted to do.

My mother, fought for me to leave school, before I officially could, and then I went straight back, to work at the nursery.

I gained the qualifications I needed, and did not miss a day!

So why do I think games are so beneficial to learning?

At the age of five I could win a game of cards against my grandparents, well you could say that they might have let me win, but with my brother, he gave me no chances. If he could beat me at cards he would! And he was too years older than I was, and I won against him more than I lost.

My love of games carried on, with monopoly being a favourite in our house, or the battle of myself against my older brothers (this could involve us sitting there for four hours, just trying to win). So I gained a new skill, never giving up and trying to have patients. (this was difficult as children as we were like cats and dogs)

Even though I left school without qualifications, I was not stupid. I had learnt and built skills that I needed for life through playing games, making craft items and using my imagination.

I never thought that I would say this, but my brothers actually helped me learn these skills. They taught me to have patients, be competitive, be a good winner and an even better loser (as a child this did take a lot of practice!)

It wasn't until I was working with kids, that I saw the true value of toys and games, and realised how much they had helped build up my own life.

They are not just for fun but amazing education tools, that captivate a child's interest and expand their knowledge, and with just a little help, praise and guidance, their knowledge can grow and grow

How much I might have enjoyed school?

We are now seeing a change in the educational system, the powers that be have started to see the benefits of play! But it is not moving quickly enough for me.

Sitting in a chair listening to a teacher go on and on and on, for hours (I know that there are many great teachers, but I think we all had the boring teacher too) I would just switch off totally, and go into my own world.

Not learning, but getting depressed, angry and upset about the tests, exams and my future. Luckily enough for me, my parents could see that I had potential, that school was actually taking away from me.    

It wasn't until I was working with kids, that I saw the true value of toys and games, and realised how much they had helped build up my own life.

So why Education Games Contributor?

Seeing first hand how a game can actually teach a child numbers, colours, communication, taking turns and so much more.

Seeing how children learn without the fear of getting the answers wrong, without feeling silly or losing interest.

Also with my own family, playing games was the start of a loving friendship with my stepchildren. Games and having fun has defiantly brought us closer together, while teaching us all, many important lessons.

We all never stop learning!

Education Games contributor

So why did I build a website??

I always loved playing with the computer, and for years I have wanted to do my own site, but thought that it would take too much of my time, going to go to college, just for me to have a bit of fun on the web.

Then I found SBI. What's SBI? Simply "Site Build It". SBI has allowed me to build my lovely site, without the trouble of finding, paying for, and learning a lot of different programs. It does it all for you.

I came up with the idea of this site through my own experiences in life. And wanted to share, the simple and important aspect, of playing games.

I want family's to have fun, learn and share each others time, through looking at my site finding the perfect game, toy or activity to be able to do this.

You can even create your very own page for my website by simply submitting your own favourite game.

When you do this, you will see how easy it is, to create a page, and many pages would make your very own website.

What are you passionate about? Have a look at the SBI Video, to see some of the fun ideas that people have come up with to make their own websites, not only is it fun, our websites also make us money too!

Have you thought of building a website?

SBI helped me, I had no internet experience, but with all the tools its easy, I even earn money from it. Its great.

SBI can show you how to build a website about anything, just take a look at these SBI Case Studies...

Thank you for taking your time to find out a bit about me. I hope you enjoy, as much as I enjoy building it.

The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. - Malcolm S. Forbes

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