Toddler Party Bags

This page has ideas for toddler party bags, or toddler party favors as they are also known.

Whether you want to put them together or have no time and need pre filled bags, there is something that you will find useful.

Scroll down to the foot of the page for alternatives to party favours. This is one area where you can really think outside the box.

Make Your Own Toddler Party Bags

This is the cheapest option. You do not need to go to great lengths to create toddler party favours – the children will be so excited to receive a goody bag that the contents are secondary to getting the bag itself.

For A Low Cost Bag You Could....

Here are some inexpensive items to fill the bags with. Do NOT be tempted just to fill the bag with sweets – the guests will no doubt have stuffed themselves with food.

No parent wants to deal with either post-party vomiting toddlers or behaviour battles with their already manically excited toddler over when the sweets are to be consumed!

You really only need 4 –5 things from the following list:

  • Mini packet of organic raisins
  • Crayon & Blank card
  • 10 small stickers from a bigger pack
  • Homemade fairy cake
  • Balloon – draw a funny face on it
  • Chocolate coin
  • Bubbles

To Save Money, Start To Buy Early, This Way You Will Avoid The Panic Buy Later.

Gift and toy shops are great places to find low cost party favours. Toddlers love gimmicky things like these items pictured here. Again choose no more than 4 or 5 items. I bought all of these in a gift shop in September 08 for these prices:

  • Fortune teller fish – place it on your palm and it curls up as if by magic! – 10p
  • Magic slate – like a primitive Etch-A-Sketch – 10p
  • Mini glider – 25p
  • Fashion show stickers – 25p
  • Bouncing putty – 50p
  • Plastic fun ‘articulated’ snake –50p
  • Pattern maker – 50p
  • Mini slinky – 80p
  • ‘Gel’ snake – 80p

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What About The Bag

If you are throwing a big party for a nursery or toddler group, use good quality resealable freezer/sandwich bags.

For a smaller party, you may as well buy specially made toddler party bags, which cost as little as 12p.

These come in a range of designs, like those pictured above. The other option is plain party bags like the yellow one pictured here.

What About A Pre Filled Party Bag?

I was pleased to see that it is possible to buy pre filled bags for under £2 – cheaper than I had expected. For once you don’t pay through the nose if you are chief party organizer in a hurry.

The best deal I have found is at - again the 36 months threshold applies. If you are inviting children under 3 the best thing is to consult with their parents about this. It's easy to substitute any items with a less risky fairy cake!

An Alternative To A Party Bag

Toddler party bags are not essential. Often party organization becomes a bigger job than you’d originally planned. If it’s just one more job that is too much, why not consider leaving them out all together?

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If you want to provide an alternative, you could collect 1 small gift for each child -like chocolate coins - and ‘hide’( ie; put in obvious places) them around the room while everyone is eating their party food.

It is best to make these both unisex and identical, to avoid squabbles. And each toddler should be accompanied by an adult, to prevent 'creative gathering' (ie all the coins being collected by one child!)

A toddler party we attended, involved as the child was leaving with their Parent, instead of toddler party bags, a name tag attached to some knitting wool, was handed to the child. The toddler then had to follow his string with his name on until he found his prize at the end of the string.

It was a nice individual moment, it kept the excitement alive, and it made sure that all the toddlers wanted to leave. Great Adult thinking, as there was no "I won't go" from the Children who are worn out by then anyway.

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