Kindergarten Sight Words:

Basic Sight Words Your Kindergartener
Should Recognize Automatically

Teaching kindergarten sight words helps prepare your children entering school for the first time. The list of words are those most commonly used in kindergarten level books and can give kids an edge when learning to read.

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Even before entering kindergarten many kids are first exposed to sight words when they learn to recognize their name. They can also become familiar with common words by having parents read the same books over and over. Repetition is the key when teaching sight words.

Reading fluency can be negatively impacted if a child has to deliberate painfully and slowly over each and every word. When they can automatically recognize basic sight words it speeds up reading, which helps improve fluency and comprehension. And even more importantly, it builds their confidence and spurs them on to want to learn more.

Common Kindergarten Sight Words: 

all four out this
am get please too
are good pretty under
at have ran want
ate he ride was
be into saw well
black like say went
brown must she what
but new so white
came no soon who
did now that will
do on there with
eat our they yes

It helps to choose books showcasing basic sight words. The The Bob Books and Meet the Sight Words Books are great examples. They use common sight words with simple stories your kids can easily follow and memorize. They use lots of repetition to help kids easily learn these words. And most importantly, your kids will love them!

Flash cards and sight word games can also help your kids learn faster and easier.

The LeapFrog DVD's are always a hit and the Letter Factory adventure is no exception. It teaches letter recognition and sound.

This preschool language DVD uses a phonic based learning system and by watching the Letter Factory characters and listening to their creative and catchy songs, your child will quickly learn the shapes of letters, their names and the sounds they make.

 The Talking Words Factory takes the early letter recognition on to the basics of word structure and reading.

In this preschool language DVD, again by LeapFrog, your child will learn about vowels and consonants, and how to use vowels like glue to hold words together.

An excellent early introduction to word structure, sounds and rhymes, which will not phase or scare your little one.

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