2nd Grade Reading
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Even Parents Of Toddlers Need To Plan Ahead

As you would expect, 2nd grade reading should be a natural continuation of what was learned in the first grade. As parents, you can make this transition natural and easy by making sure that your kids keep reading and practicing - even when the first grade year is over. 

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You want your kids entering their new 2nd grade classroom eager and ready for more; not stumbling trying to remember what they learned several months ago.

What should you expect for your second grade readers? 2nd Grade Reading should build on skills such as: 

  • Automatic sight word recognition. Kids shouldn’t still have to sound out every word phonetically now. Fluency should be much improved at this time. Do your kids still need help with sight words?
  • Reading comprehension. This is critical for 2nd grade reading success. This is when the magic really happens; when reading turns from learning how to read and write words to reading and writing actual concepts and ideas.
  • Phonetic decoding. Their phonics skills should continue to help them be able to sound out unfamiliar words.
  • Reading is a natural part of life now. Great readers read without being instructed to. They read to learn about a particular subject, to learn answers to a specific question, or just for the sheer joy of it. This should be encouraged early and often.
  • Understanding and applying grammar and punctuation become more important in the 2nd grade.
  • Reading a variety of material; fiction, nonfiction, chapter books, comic books, magazines.
  • Spelling should be improving because they are mastering spelling rules and patterns; not just memorizing spelling lists.
  • Vocabulary should also be improved as your kids are exposed to more challenging and complex books.
  • 2nd grade reading includes understanding antonyms and synonyms.
  • Your second graders should be able write to communicate; not just copying. 

What can you do to help second grade reading a success for your kids?

  • Get involved. Don't assume the schools will provide everything necessary for teaching reading effectively for your child.
  • Use different learning tools to engage your kids such as reading games, worksheets, flashcards, and online reading programs.
  • Determine which specific areas, if any, your child needs extra help with. Work with your child's teacher to gain insight and suggestions on this.
  • Kids at this age can read independently, but it's a good idea to also have them read aloud to you so they can hear what they are reading. This helps them read more fluently. Practice is so important at this age. It's common for kids in 2nd grade to read the same books over and over. This boosts their confidence and helps them with fluency.
  • Ask them to tell you about the books they're reading. Do they read with comprehension? Do they understand the themes? Are they able to summarize the main points of the book?
  • Make sure your kids are reading all kinds of books. See our suggestions below.

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