Toddler Health And Nutrition Activities

Toddler Health and Nutrition Activities. Have a Reverse Day

Switch Day for Self-Esteem & Responsibility

Once young children have learned their daily routine of when and what to do during certain activities giving them a new twist on responsibility may help them to boost their self-esteem. Switch Day is a fun and unique way to teach them this responsibility and find the confidence they need to grow.

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For Toddler Health, Let Them Be The Grown Up
And You The Child, Just For A Little While

Pick a day when the child become the grown up and the adult participates as a child. Don’t forget you will still have to be the parent, mediator or control officer even though your child will be performing your tasks.

This activity can be done during snack time, quiet time, color time, movie time or any other daily routine that the kids are accustomed to performing. The child will perform the task of the parent. For instance with movie time the child will be responsible for getting the movie out, telling you what they are going to watch and starting the movie as well as turning out the lights.

For Toddler Health, Let Them Take Responsibility

In the alternative, let’s say for snack time, the child will hand out the snacks and pick up the rubbish. It will be their responsibility to dispose of them after snack time is over. In the case of quiet time, or nap time, you may need to prompt your child a little, as to what to do. Like turn the lights off. Remember your child may have very little recollection as to what happens, because they are falling asleep.

Each scheduled and well understood activity of the day can be easily adapted to allow a young child to perform the parent's tasks. This in turn helps them to learn self-esteem by teaching and/or overseeing others, not to mention relieving the parent of some of their daily activities.

What Are Fruit And Vegetables
And Why Are They Important

With all the talk these days about eating healthy and making life changes that mostly include our diets, children need to know why it’s important to eat their fruit and vegetables. The preschool age is a great time to teach children about them and start them on a road to healthy eating and good nutritional habits. First children need to know what fruit and vegetables are and what each one looks, feels and taste like.

It can be pretty easy to teach children what fruits and vegetables are. Go to the store and purchase plastic fruits and vegetables that are sold in the toy department. They usually have many different items to choose from so you will have a wide variety to teach them with.

Talk to the children about their health and why it’s important to eat healthy. Show them the different fruits and vegetables and explain to them what they are and how they help you to stay healthy. Talk about the colors and the texture of each type. Before you know it they will be able to tell you what fruit you’re holding up and which vegetable is red and which one is green.

Toddler Health. Try A Healthy Eating Plan

You can even play a game with these. Give your child a basket or a box to collect fruits and vegetables in. Place the fruits and vegetables out on the floor. Have the child make a circle around them. Now you call out a name of a fruit like an apple. The child will have to pick the apples out of the fruit and vegetables placed on the floor. At the end of the game the child will have a whole pile of fruit and vegetables in their basket.

Teaching children about the foods we eat is important and will continue to be important for the rest of their lives. Teaching them why the foods we eat keep us healthy is a vital part of growing up and learning too. It gives them a path to follow for the rest of their lives and will help their families to live long and healthy lives.

One of the easiest ways I found with my boys, to try and make them eat in a healthier way. Was to get them to remember the colours that they have eaten that day.

They found this very easy, then by the end of the day they knew that they had to add another colour to their diet.

Such as green , so maybe a cut up apple or cucumber for toddler health, evening snack time.

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