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Saint Patricks Day and a few little facts before the fun. St Patrick used the Shamrock, trying to convert the Irish into Christians. He explained that the Holy Trinity is represented in the 3 leaves of the Shamrock. The Father, The Son and the holy spirit. The Shamrock and it's 3 leaves are also ment to represent Love, Hope and faith.

A 4 leaf Clover represents "Good Luck", if you can find one. The odds are 10,000 to 1.



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To Start Off Saint Patricks Day,
Why Not Go On A Shamrock Hunt

Happy Saint Patricks Day

There are a lot of fun games that can be played at a Saint Patricks Day Party.  This one is no exception. Any age of child can play this game.  It can be played outside or inside either one.  Here’s what you need and how to play. 

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You will need some green poster board, scissors and some great prizes such as gold foil covered coins or even Hershey gold nuggets.  Anything you would like to give as a prize will be fine just be sure you have enough to go around. 

Start by cutting shamrocks out of the green poster board.  If you’re not sure how to make a shamrock you can go online and find a template to use.  You can even make your shamrocks by drawing hearts with ends all pointing together.  Just be sure that you have a few four leaf shamrocks to make the game a little more interesting.   

Once you have the shamrocks cut out of the poster board you need to hide them.  Don’t make it to tough for the kids to find.  If they can’t find them they will become frustrated and that will end the game.   

The children who find the four leaf shamrocks (clover) and the child who finds the most shamrocks win the game.  Each child should receive a prize for their accomplishment.  Once the shamrocks have been found and the children are settling down from the fun game talk to them about what shamrocks are and why a four leaf clover is considered to be lucky.  They will enjoy the story plus learn a little bit about some of the history behind Saint Patricks Day. 

Can You Find The Pot 'o' Gold
At The End Of The Rainbow?

Playing games is great fun for preschoolers but helping to create the game can also put a smile on their face.  This is the game that can do that.  Making the pot o’ gold and creating a rainbow is fun and exciting.   

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Start by making the pot for the gold.  All you need is a bucket. Even a gallon ice cream pail will work. Let the children help you cover it with black construction paper if it isn’t already black.  Cut a few coins or circles out of yellow construction paper to add to the front of the bucket.  Of course it will be up to you to fill the pot with all those wonderful goodies.   

You can fill the pot with anything you like.  Try a few different types of candy.  Some costume jewelry, toy cars or even a box of crayons and a coloring book will work just fine.  Make sure there is enough for every child in the classroom to have a toy and some candy.  When the game is over it will be up to the winner to dole out these treasurers to all involved in the game.  

Now comes the game fun.  Write clues on slips of paper to lead the children to their treasure.  Each clue should include a color of the rainbow.  For instance you may tell them to look for the purple crayon.  When they find the right crayon the next clue will be attached.  Of course the kids won’t be able to read the clues so you will have to read it for them out loud.  That’s part of the fun for your preschoolers.  Waiting to see what the next clue will be.   

Send them all over your classroom. Watch them as they look for their clues.  They are sure to be wide eyed as they wait in anticipation.  Where can that pot o’ gold be hidden? Whoever finds the pot first is the winner.  They get the treasure and all the applause.  Encourage them to share their pot with all the other children.  Remind them it took everyone looking, finding the clues and working together to find that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.   


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