Saint Patrick
Activities & Fun

Saint Patrick activities and fun, even if you have no Irish in your blood, there is nothing stopping you from joining in with the celebrations. It is a fun day nicely placed before Easter.

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For Saint Patrick Activities Try
Leprechaun Hat Party Favors

Enjoy Saint Patrick Activities

Every pre-schooler needs something they can take home from their Saint Patrick activities Day party. Party favors can be fun to give away especially when you make them on yourself.  These party favors are sure to be hit with the kids and they will never know how easy they were to make.

Start with Styrofoam cups.  You will need one for each child.  Place them on a cookie sheet upside down.  Put them in the oven on the lowest temperature available.  Keep a close eye on them.  You only want them to warm enough for the bottoms to start to flare out.  This will make the brim of the hat. 

Once the cups have cooled paint the cups green.  Allow the paint to completely dry before moving on to the next step.  Once the paint has dried cut strips of black construction paper to place on the brim of each hat.  Glue the strip to the cup and then cut away any excess that may be hanging over the edge.  Use yellow construction paper to cut out a buckle for each hat.  Glue it to the middle of the brim.

See how easy that was and you have some really cute party favors to hand out to each one of your pre-schoolers.  Label each one with a child’s name.  Use a black permanent marker to do this.  Set them on a table and under each one place a few candy gold coins as a surprise. 

The kids will get a kick out of these Leprechaun hats and you’ll be the hit of the party. With a surprise underneath it’s a promise you’ll be the talk of the class and even the parents will be amazed at your idea and craftsmanship.  Here’s to a little luck of the Irish and a great Saint Patrick activities Day for all.

Making Stuffed Snakes
For St. Patricks Day

More Saint Patrick Activities To Enjoy

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If you have read the story of St. Patrick you know that snakes play a big part.  St. Patrick put the curse of God on snakes to banish them from Ireland.  Many people don’t know this and become a little skeptical when the subject arises in conversation.   This is a great lesson to teach your preschoolers about.   They probably have no idea about St. Patrick and snakes.  Then help them to create a St. Patrick snake to take home to show off while they explain the story of St. Patrick and the snakes.

You will need: 

  • Adult tube socks
  • Green markers
  • Old newspaper
  • Rubber bands
  • Red yarn or ribbon
  • Small buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue 

Start each child with a green marker and a sock.  Let them go to town coloring the sock completely.  They need a green snake to represent St. Patrick’s Day.  You may be able to find green tube socks at your local dollar store that are pretty inexpensive.  If you can by all means get them it will save you some time and mess that way. 

When the sock has been colored have the kid’s help you crumple up the old newspaper.  Use the paper to stuff the sock.  Remind the children that snake’s tails are much thinner than the body and should come to a very thin point on the end.  This way they will understand why they can’t fill the sock completely full of paper.  Once they have the sock stuffed place the rubber bands around the end at the opening to close the sock off.  This will keep the paper inside the sock. 

This part you will have to do for the children.  Hot glue guns are not safe for small children to use.  In order to keep the buttons attached and the yarn or ribbon attached you must use hot glue.  All other types of glue don’t hold well to a fabric sock.  Attach two buttons for the eyes and a piece of red ribbon or yarn for the tongue. 

Won’t the kids be excited to have a stuffed snake to take home?  Not only can they tell Mom and Dad the story of St. Patrick and the snakes but they can have a stuffed animal to help them portray their story too.

Shamrocks Make Great St Patrick Day Decorations

Shamrocks Are Great For Saint Patrick Activities

All kids love to create things even preschoolers.  Helping to make decorations for a special day just add an extra touch.  A shamrock collage is a simple craft that preschoolers can put together and use as a decoration for their classroom, bedroom or Family fridge. 

You will need:

  • Green construction paper
  • White or black construction paper
  • Glitter glue
  • Green and white ribbon
  • St. Patrick Day stickers
  • Green buttons
  • Glue 

You will have to make the shamrocks to start out the collage.  You can cut out shamrocks of all different sizes.  If you’re not sure about drawing shamrocks look online for a shamrock template.  Another easy way to make shamrocks is to draw a heart.  Then place another heart on each side of the first one.  Be sure the points come together and don’t forget the stem.

Now for the kids fun.  Give each child a few different size shamrocks.  Provide them with the glitter glue, ribbon, buttons and stickers to decorate their shamrocks with.  They will probably need some help gluing things on to their shamrocks.  Try using glue sticks.  They are much easier for little hands to use and not quite as messy as regular glue. 

Once they have their shamrocks decorated let them glue them to the white or black construction paper.  They can put them on anyway they please.  Remember it a collage so there really doesn’t need to be any order on how they place them on the paper.   

When they have their collage all put together have them place their name on the back of the collage.  This way they will remember which one they made.  They can take them home after your St. Patrick’s Day celebration to show Mom and Dad all about shamrocks and how they created their own shamrock collage.


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