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Easter activities and crafts are such fun for kids. Whether you choose Jesus crafts or the Easter Bunny crafts there are plenty of options.

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For Fun Easter Activities, Let's Play
"Peter Cotton Tail"

Dressing Up Will Help Kick Start The Easter Activities

Preschoolers love Easter activities at a Party.  The candy, the food and the fun can put a smile on a preschooler’s face.  Finding games to play at an Easter party can be a little frustrating sometimes. Especially games that are appropriate for this age group.  Here’s a fun Easter themed game that preschoolers can play and have a lot of fun with.

This game is better played outside.  If the weather is bad you can adapt it to the classroom and still be safe and have fun.  Divide your class into 2 teams.  Do your best to make it as equal as possible.  There will be some fast walking and a little bit of balance involved so if you know you have some kids who are better at this type of thing try to place them equally on the 2 teams.

Start each child with a cotton ball.  You will also need a spoon for each team and an empty bowl for each team.  Place the empty bowl at the other end away from the teams. Don’t put it too far away.  Smaller children have a tendency to feel overwhelmed if they think things are too hard for them to accomplish.  The closer you put the bowl the easier it will be for the children to feel they can play this game without failing.

Give the first child on the team the spoon.  Show them how to place the cotton ball onto the spoon.  Then tell them they have to walk as fast as they can without running and empty the cotton ball off the spoon into the empty bowl.  You may want to give them a run through so they can see exactly what they are to do. 

If they drop the cotton ball along the way they must stop, pick up the cotton ball, place it back on the spoon and continue on until they reach the bowl. Then they must return to their team and hand the next player the spoon.  The first team to place all their cotton balls in the empty bowl wins the game. 

If you have to play this game indoors instead of using a spoon give each child a straw.  Have them blow the cotton ball to the empty bowl.  Then when they are to the bowl they can pick up the cotton ball and place it into the empty bowl. 

Have Lots Of Painted Eggs, For This Coloured Eggs Game

Start The Pre Easter Activities By Painting Hard Boiled Eggs

For children Easter is all about baskets, candy and those great colored eggs.  Having an Easter egg hunt is fun.  Why not change your Easter activities egg hunt around some to make a fun and exciting game for the kids to play.

More Easter Themes To Explore;

Colored eggs is a great game.  It is better off if played outdoors but can be played inside if you are careful and have removed any obstacles that may cause harm to the children.  The children can get a little rambunctious while playing this game but its fun and it’s sure to be a hit at the party.

Choose one child to start out as the wolf and another child to start out as the Easter Bunny. Now whisper to each child a color including the wolf and the Easter Bunny.  If you’re not real sure they will remember their color then place a small piece of paper into their hand with that color marked on the paper.  Still be sure to whisper to them the color so there won’t be any misunderstanding as to what color of egg they are.  Also be sure to tell them not to let anyone else know their color.  It is also okay to give more than one child the same color.  Use primary colors that the kids will know. Simple is always much easier for younger children.

Place the Easter Bunny on one side and the wolf in the middle.  Place all the rest of the children or the colored eggs on the other side of the room in a straight line.  To start the game the Easter Bunny calls out a color.  Say they call red any child with the color red must start across the room to the Easter Bunny. They must make it past the wolf to the Easter Bunny without being tagged.  If they are tagged they become the wolf and the wolf is now the Easter Bunny.  The Easter Bunny now becomes a colored egg.  If they make it past the wolf to the Easter Bunny they are a colored egg in the basket and receive a prize. Candy works great for these prizes. 

With All The Easter Activities Going On. Don't Forget To Eat The Hard Boiled Eggs.

Play continues until everyone wins a prize.  Kids really like to play this game and have a lot of fun trying to get past that wolf.  Remember though this can get a little out of hand with kids running this way and that way to avoid that ornery wolf and get to the Easter Bunny so be prepared.  Have fun and enjoy the kids because that is what it’s all about. 

Mother Easter Bunny May I

What Easter Activities List Would Be Complete Without A Bunny.

This Easter activities game is a playoff of the game Mother May I.  Remember playing that as a child and how much fun it was.  Kids still enjoy it today. It’s an easy game to play and they have a lot of fun trying to remember what they are suppose to say to accomplish their goal.

More Easter Themes To Explore;

You will be the Mother Easter Bunny.  Place all the children in a circle with the Mother Easter Bunny in the middle.  Explain to the children exactly how the game is played.  Pick a child to start the game. 

You as the Mother Easter Bunny will tell the first child something to do.  For instance you may say to them to go set in their seat.  That child is to say back to you Mother Bunny May I go set in my seat.  Then you can answer yes you may or no you may not.  If you tell them yes they may then they have to hop like a bunny to their seat.  Play then continues on the child to the right.

If they forget to say Mother Easter Bunny May I or if they forget to hop they are out of the game.  Play continues until all the children have had a least one round to play.  If you end up with only one child left that has completed the task correctly give them a nice little prize of some sort. Easter candy is always a hit. You can even give a little candy to all the children who accomplished their feat correctly if you like. 

Trying to remember what to say and how to accomplish their task is what makes this game so fun.  The kids will have a good time and you will enjoy all the laughing and giggling that will be included with this game.  Have fun with them and have a happy Easter. If you want some beautiful friendship poems, take a look at this inspirational site, then pop back.

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