Learn By Using Color Activities

Red, Amber, Green.

Crafts and color activities for toddler to preschoolers.

Food is a great way for your children to learn their colors. Here are a few suggestions, including traffic lights. How easy it is to put 3 "Smarties" Red, Yellow (Amber) and Green on top of a snack, to make a traffic light.

Also a great learning curve for Red means stop and Green safe to go. This will be a safety code for the rest of their life.

Transportation Crafts and Color Activities

Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes. This is a great theme for young children.

Stop Light Cookies, great for color activities

All you need for this simple kitchen activity are round cookies, and red, yellow and green frosting (white frosting tinted with food coloring).
Have your child frost one cookie in each color of a traffic signal.

Then, set the cookies in order

Red – Top
Yellow – Middle
Green – Bottom
And, you’ve got edible traffic signals.

How Fast Will It Go?

Make a ramp and roll cars down it. Much like a pinewood derby race. Have your child choose 3 cars all different, then let them decide which one will be the fastest and why. This is great for their imagination, and a simple experiment. Keep with the traffic light color activities theme, and have the cars Red, Yellow and green.

Check out this homemade craft car ramp and track.

Transportation Themed Snacks

With the movie “Cars” still being very popular, you should be able to find any number of Car snacks. If not then a few stickers on a disposable beaker will be just as much fun, for small children.

How About Eat Your Colors


Cheese Crackers
Cheddar Cheese
Goldfish Crackers
Carrot Sticks

White bread
White cheese


Green grapes
Kiwi slices

Wheat bread
Wheat crackers
Chocolate pudding

Strawberry yogurt


Purple grapes



For Color Activities For Food, Use Safe Natural Food Dyes

Can’t find the right colored foods? Add Food Coloring

Take your favorite foods and add a drop of food coloring to them. Are you in the mood for French toast? Make it green. How about pudding? Make it orange. You can even serve purple milk with your cookies.

No matter which color you’re studying, you’ll be able to teach the basics by eating it!

Karaoke with Colored Animals

Pre-schoolers have imaginations that won’t stop and that is the fun of teaching them. Giving them the freedom to create their own animals is a fantastic way to nurture those imaginations, teach colors and help them remember each other’s names!

Teach your students the song “Mary had a Little Lamb”. Remember, Mary’s little lamb had fleece as white as snow. Now, after they know the song, provide each student with a small square of construction paper being sure there are numerous colors to go around. Make sure they know what color their paper is. Then have the children pick their favorite animal.

Now, here comes the fun! In a karaoke setting, each student will sing their own song to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb. Have them replace the words as follows:

Mary = Their own name
Little Lamb = Their own animal
Fleece as White = skin or fur along with their color
As Snow = As + an item that is the same color

This activity encourages them to use their imagination. Everyone will have a good laugh when they sing about a snake as purple as grapes or has a cat as green as grass!

Coloropoly For When The Board Game Basics
Have Been Mastered

Everyone has enjoyed the great game of Monopoly. Now you can teach preschoolers colors by using the same great concept.

Keeping in mind the layout of the board, use the large side of a cardboard box and markers to make the game board. Instead of using street names for the landing squares, use colors. Randomly layout 10 different colors in various locations across the board. Using three green squares instead of the New York, Tennessee and St. James squares. Use two red squares instead of Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues. Use four yellow squares in place of the railroads.

Assign a price and a rent for each color. This does not have to be in the form of cash unless you wish to use play money for the game. Using items such as cereal or mini-marshmallows are fun, because the children get to eat their capital. Ok well maybe checkers would be better. Don’t forget to replace the Go to Jail square to a time out square! Instead of getting a Get out of Time-Out Free card, they miss one turn. A start square will also be necessary.

Make the game simpler for the younger learner by not using squares like Chance or Luxury Tax. Using only one

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