Toddler Reading A Few Tips On What To Read

This section has the pick of the best toddler reading book reviews, as well as some handy tips for reading with your child.
I have read all these books with my toddler or other young children, and both they and I have really enjoyed them. These are my personal recommendations. 

Toddler Reading So Important To Offer A Variety Of Books

It's really important for the adult to want to read the story.

I have lost count of the number of stories for toddlers with massive inconsistencies.

The words might say 'sad' but the picture says 'angry' (mentioning no names of certain blue steam engines).

All these reading books have a certain something that makes enjoyable enough for you to want to read (or at least not mind reading!) them over and over - because you can bet that your kid will want you to! 

In This Section A Few Done For You Reviews 

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I've Finished!
by Victoria Roberts
Illustrated by Lee Wildish
Caterpillar books, 

This is the best toilet training story I have come across.

There are plenty of books that help guide toddlers through the initial transition to using the potty, but tales that involve dealing with using the toilet are not so easy to find.

It's easy to forget that the toilet can be frightening for some toddlers, who may have worries that they will fall in.

Others just won't have anything to do with the potty - what use is Thomas Triumphs On The Potty at times like these?

In this story, we are guided through a week in the toilet training of a likeable little cartoon creature, Mo, who faces a different loo- related challenge every day.

Of course by Sunday he triumphs over the toilet.

There is not a great deal of text to deal with, and at the end of each double page, your junior toilet trainee gets to press the button on the (3D) toilet, with flushing sound effect.

Em from Shropshire is a big fan of this book. She says:

"My daughter loves this story. She is literally entranced by the words and pictures, and cannot wait to flush the loo at the end of each 'day'. It's a welcome relief the stress of potty training.

It is a nice solid book that I don't mind reading again and again."Great for my toddler reading shelf.

Toddler Reading Book Review
"Let's Look At Animals By Night"

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"Let's Look At Animals By Night" &
"Let's Look At The Zoo By Night" created by
Claude Delafosse and Gallimard Jeunesse. Illustrated by Heliadore (Animals) and Sabine Krawczyk (The Zoo). First Discovery/Torchlight Books, published by Moonlight publishing. 

Age range: 2 and above.

These highly imaginative pictures books are two of the most unusual and innovative children's books that I've seen in a long time.

Perfect for toddler reading (especially those that cannot normally sit still for 5 minutes), I would also recommend them for preschoolers.

Like all wildlife books for children, they describe and show a range of animals.

The difference with these publications is the magic torch!

Each double page is laid out as shown here, with a traditional page on the left. The right hand side is actually two pages - a black background page, overlaid with a black plastic page which has illustrations printed onto it. These are invisible at first.

At the back of each book is a cardboard cutout of a torch.

Slide the torch between the 2 black pages, and you create the perfect illusion of a flashlight lighting up a night-time scene - at the zoo, or round a streetlight, or in the countryside.

These books are suitable for any toddler over the age of 2.

My toddler and his cousins are absolutely entranced by both of these books.

They are one of the few things that are able to get these boisterous kids to sit quietly and just take something in. Reverence and awe are not too much of an exaggeration in this case!

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If you give your child one of these books, I would recommend that you don't leave it lying around.

For one thing, the torch will get lost and so make the book only half readable. As well as this, it's good to teach kids that some things are precious and to be handled with care.

Let's Look At Animals By Night & Let's Look At The Zoo By Night are possibly my favourite toddler reading books.

There is a whole series of Torchlight books - animals underground, insects, dinosaurs and the jungle.

The Wheels On The Bus & Knick Knack Paddywhack, Review Of Paul O. Zelinsky's Interactive Books

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The Wheels On The Bus and Knick Knack Paddywhack are much more than pop up books - they are lift the flap, turn the wheel and pull the tab extravaganzas!

Your toddler is likely to know at least one of these songs.

They will join in with the singing as well as turning the wheels, opening doors, moving arms and eyes, roll people down hills and making them 'stand up, sit down'. 

This one from Knick Knack is my favourite as when you pull the tab, it makes everyone roll down the hill.The illustrations have a 70's look about them, which makes parents who grew up in that era of flares and Jackson 5 pretty nostalgic.

The only problem with these Paul O. Zelinsky books is that in a way, they're too good.

Emily from Ontario said "Our copy of The Wheels... has gotten a bit ripped.

I don't regret this as anything that encourages Tilly to read is worth it in the end. I would maybe put it away when your toddler is going through that 'into everything' stage.

It's good enough that older toddlers and preschoolers (who have a bit more self-control) still get a lot out of it if you get it out at a later stage." 

What Are The Best Interactive Stories For Toddlers? Pop up books are an absolute joy for toddler reading. I have never met a toddler who doesn't love them. ...any cheap interactive book you can lay your hands on will do.

When those eager toddler fingers get start handling pop up books and the like, there are bound to be some torn flaps and so on.

So it's really important for you to have some used and cheap ones around that won't stress you out when the inevitable rips and tears occur.

I have just noticed that some of the hardback book are not currently available on Amazon for your toddler reading, hopefully it is just out of print issue, and will be available soon.

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