Toddler Halloween Costumes

Fun & Non Scary Outfits :)

This page has lots of ideas for toddler Halloween costumes that both you and your little one will enjoy this October. It covers the art of getting both boys and girls dressed up.

You don't necessarily need to buy a whole outfit. Why not accessorise your child instead? Instead of a whole bat costume, just get your little girl some sparkly wings. 

The great thing about this age group is that they have no awareness of what is supposedly cool. While they may be extremely picky about what they wear, this choosiness rarely translates into "I must have the most expensive outfit". 

Remember that this celebration can be a cause of anxiety for your little one - but as long as you plan ahead, they can enjoy the party just as much as everyone else. 

How To Choose Your Toddler Halloween Costume

There is one thing you absolutely must do when getting an idea from the toddler Halloween costumes range for any small child if you want to make your celebrations go more smoothly:

Let your child decide what they want to wear. Take for example a witch's costume. My friend has a daughter, Grace, who hardly ever takes hers off.

However, Grace might just as easily have burst into tears upon seeing it.

That is why buying it and then presenting it to your toddler might result in one very frightened little person.

Sometimes we forget that things that are no problem to us can frighten the life out of a 2-year-old.

Example: I remember my eldest son being terrified of a tomato he spied one day while we were having lunch when he was abot 2 and a half.

It took me a while to understand what he was crying about.

"Pider!" he quivered, hiding from the little red vegetable (Ok, fruit!)

He thought the tomato stalk was a spider.

So your main aim is to have a happy toddler.

Halloween Costumes For Girls

There is absolutely no need to force your daughter to be a witch! A bee costume is a great way to brighten up any Halloween night. It's a little unusual, but entirely in keeping with the spirit of the celebration. 

An orange dress with pumpkin face paint and tights is a great way to create a Halloween look while keeping your daughter content if she's only ever happy in a dress.

It's also a lovely warm color, which is just what you need on a cold winter's night!

Another easy one is a cat costume. If you don't want to dress your child in black, just accessorise some darker colored clothes.

The snow princess outfit is one of those toddler Halloween costumes that may not seem particularly seasonal, but the simplicity of the design allows the pumpkin trick or treat basket to be the real star of the show. 

Other Girls' Halloween Outfits

How about Belle from Beauty and The Beast? This is a great way to embrace the spirit of the Halloween season, while looking like a real princess. 

Alice In Wonderland is another good choice. All those surreal creatures and adventures Alice encountered on her travels certainly wouldn't seem out of place at this time of year, but the look will appeal to younger tastes.

Another outfit from toddler halloween costumes, that goes with the celebration but is completely non-scary is Daphne or Velma from Scooby Doo.

This is probably the easiest look to achieve - especially if your little girl doesn't like dressing up, because you don't actually need a dedicated costume. Really, any knee length summer dress will do. 

What I like about the Alice and Scooby Doo toddler Halloween costumes is that they are still in the spirit of Halloween, but they can be worn at any time of the year, as can Belle's dress.

Toddler Won't Dress Up
Maybe Try Some Fancy Tights

Halloween Tights As a Problem Solver One thing I've learnt through both having toddlers myself and research for this website is the often big celebrations never go to save the file plan when it comes to this age group.

This means that sometimes even the best laid plans for your child's costume go to waste .For example, a week ago Emily just loved her sparkly witches outfit. Now, just as you're leaving for the Halloween party, she absolutely will not wear it.

It is at times like these that tights can help.

What if you thought outside the box and shelved the idea of a full list from toddler halloween costumes? If you dress Emily in a plain dark or orange dress, and accessorised it with pumpkin or bats or witch patterned tights, this is much less of a big deal for her - but she still looks really in keeping with the whole celebration.

You actually end up looking more creative than if you just put the witches costume on. Halloween tights are less common than the same old same old outfits that everyone else is wearing.

What's more, if they are the "main event" of your child outfit, they stand out even more. You can accessorise with a pumpkin bag, sparkly bat wings etc.

What About The Boys

Make sure you include the toddler in choosing whichever outfit he likes best. You should never underestimate how anxious little ones can get when faced with witches, ghouls and goblins on the 31st October. It's far better to find out he doesn't like the look of that skeleton suit before you hand over your hard earned cash!

If you want to buy online, sit your son at the computer with you and try to gauge which costume he likes the best.

So here are my top suggestions for fun and easy going toddler Halloween costumes, outfits for boys:

How About A Homemade Pirate Halloween Costume

Homemade For Toddler Halloween Costumes

This pirate outfit,  is something I made myself. At this age I found he absolutely hated any kind of fancy dress - but I didn't want him to feel left out. He was comfortable with this costume as to him it was basically his normal T-shirt and shorts.

The pirate 'belt' was actually a bandana. I unpicked the stitches and sewed it to the bottom if his stripey T-shirt.

And instead of wrapping the present, I made this makeshift wrapping paper and ribbon 'bag' that reminded me of a swag bag!

My favorite costume for boys, as it was so easy and accommodated my toddler's anxiety about dressing up.

My Toddler Won't Dress Up

Good luck with getting your toddler to dress up in clothes they are not use to. Some can’t wait to follow a fantasy. Some may even choose what they want. But that doesn’t mean they will want to wear it on the night.

Toddlers are still babies; they scare so easily, try not to put them off Halloween forever.

Remember their idea of dressing up will not be the same as an adult. Many a time a costume was made or bought, but on the day a little red pair of underpants were put over their jeans, Superman,

job done!

My only advice is no pressure.

Get the dress up clothes; let your young ones play with them in advance of a party, if it’s a character, build up to it. Read a bedtime story about the character, watch a DVD, let them know how great it would be to dress up like it. Plant the seed.

If on the day, the buildup has been too much for them, and you get the dreaded NO! Don’t despair.

Let them wear what they want, show them it doesn’t matter and go to the party. But always take the costume with you; because they are Toddlers, it’s their job to change their mind.

Halloween Costumes Maybe Think Twice Before You Buy

From toddler Halloween costumes, some other outfits you might be thinking about - but might want to think again are:

I am not sure about how much a toddler would enjoy a big floppy hat. And the wand can cause all sorts of damage. He may want to leave a hand to carry his treat bag. The wand will just get lost.

Too much black perhaps? Let your boy try it on. You never know, he might love it, especially if he gets the wings and enjoys pretending to fly. Just make sure he doesn't start practising! Also black can make it difficult for you to keep an eye on, in the dark.

Better for slightly older children. Even if he seems OK trying it on, he may well be terrified if he sees himself in a mirror.

Try Candy Corn Fun

As Candy Corn isn't the best sweet for toddler teeth, using them as art is far better.

Should a few end up being eaten, then let your young child know that it is toothbrush time.

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