Toddler Greeting Cards

By Laura
(Kansas City, MO)

Toddler Greeting Cards by Laura. This a fun way to teach your children about etiquette and blessing others. If you sense they are capable, it is also a good and fun way to teach them how to form letters of the alphabet. I like crafts that are productive and useful and could be used to show love to others. It is very simple, you could do it however you want, but here's what I do:

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Toddler Greeting Cards

-card stock (or construction paper)
-markers,pens,or crayons
-any embellishment if you desire (stickers, etc)
-water color or tempura paint (for alternate version for a younger child)

If someone has given my daughter a gift, or a family member has come to visit her, I tell her we should write them a note and send it in the mail! It seems like kids love to send stuff in the mail, just like they like to receive it! She is usually excited and we start. I'll ask her what she would like to say to "grandma" or her friend, whoever it may be. Sometimes I help her with this..."we could say...". My daughter is about 3 1/2 now, so I will sit down with her and write out a simple, short, note. It could just be "I love you" or "Thank you". I write in big clear letters one at a time and let her copy me on her card. You can write longer notes as your child progresses. Then if she wants to color it or put stickers on it I let her. Before she could hold her writing utensil well enough to write, I would do her hand-print by painting a thin layer of water color on her hand (not too much water), then press it on the card, and let her color the rest. You could also trace your child's hand. As we were doing the craft, I would talk to her about how nice it is to get something in the mail and how good it makes us feel when someone thinks about us (like when grandma sends a package)... and about doing unto others what you would have them do to you. Then after it is ready (or dry), we put it in an envelope, and I let her put it in the mailbox - which she loves! Simple and rewarding... especially nice if you have family or friends that live a distance away.

Thank you Laura for toddler greeting cards.

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