Toddler Geography
Fun Activities For Toddlers
To Explore The World Around Them

Use these fun activities for toddler geography, to help your little explorer discover and enjoy the world around them.

As your toddler starts moving, a whole new aspect of the world starts unfolding, and these early years are full of intrigue, enthusiasm, discoveries and most of all fun.

Through their bumps and falls they will discover and learn about their wonderful and fascinating environment.

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved with toddler geography, with your guidance and enthusiasm being of huge benefit to your child.

Playing these games together will help your child's development. They will build on your toddler's attention span, creativity, language development, fine and gross motor skills and keep building on their new found skills.

Here are some great fun activities for toddler geography, and as you both explore together they will start to learn about their environment.

Toddler Geography
Nature Walk Activities

Toddler Geography

Here are some great fun activities for toddlers geography, and as you both explore together they will start to learn about their environment.

Nature Walk Activities

A nature walk is a great way to get your toddler out of the house and exploring the outside world, and collecting different treasures to bring home will add a different aspect to just 'going for a walk'.

Use their enthusiasm for finding things as a chance to introduce color and size, as you point out different colored leaves, or big and small items to collect.

Together you could collect opposites such as a small leaf and a big leaf, or a small stick and a big stick, and when you get home, these can then be put up on the wall, or made into a book that you both can look over and talk about together.

Don't worry if you don't live near a nature reserve or park, as a simple walk around your neighbourhood will do, and your toddler won't mind, as there will still be lots for them to see. Toddler geography in the city can include street furniture. Now I don't mean the old sofa left by the dumpster. I mean, road signs, street signs crossing and stop signs.

If you have time, you could also look for bugs under rocks and study them with a safe magnifying glass. Toddler geography means respecting the world, so lift the stone or log with care, as it's a home to something. Also if you live somewhere tropical, it could be a home to something not so friendly.

Other great fun activities for toddlers would be Counting Steps, Jumping in Puddles, and Singing Songs as you walk along. And if you can make it a group activity, even better!

It's definitely worth reading the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This book makes the walk fun, entertaining and educational, by using new words to describe what your walking on (mud, water, leaves as sticky, cold, crunchy ...and so on) or walking through or over and under or around.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt will give you plenty of ideas about what you can introduce to your toddler, and the theme of the story could be played on your walk together.

Connect the Map Dots

Toddler Geography

Connecting the dots will help strengthen your toddler's hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills, and will be the beginning exercise for writing letters.

Connecting places on a simple map is a fun way to introduce the concept to your toddler, and they will also learn about the environment around them.

For this game you will need to find a simple map of your community, you should be able to do this online.

Once you have found your map, show it to your toddler and explain to them what it is. With your toddler, find your street or home and use a crayon to make a big circle around where you live.

Then find another street or house of a friend or relative and put a crayon circle around where they live.

Then ask your toddler if they would like to take a pretend trip from one house to another, and help them to use the crayon to draw from one circle to the other.

Next find a favourite place on the map, such as the park or the swings, and put another circle around that to.

Then ask your child to take a pretend trip from a house to their favourite place, and help them to draw a line from one place to the next.

This can be endless fun and you can also introduce your child to some of the streets names too!

It would also be helpful to draw your crayon circles in different colors, so that you can ask your toddler to draw from the one color to another color.

You can develop this game further by taking pictures of places you visit with your toddler.

Then when you both sit down with your map, you can ask your toddler some questions to see what they remember. Can you see it on the map? Do you remember what was around the comer from our house?

Then let your child try to put the picture in the right place on the map.

You could even stick the pictures on the map and laminate it. Now your child will be able to make countless numbers of pretend journeys by drawing a line from one place to another.

Toddler Geography

I had a map of the world in my hallway.

Then upon our return from doing a food shop, we would look on the packet for place of origin. 

I would then show the place on the map, and show where we live.

I even found it an eye opener as to how far my mushrooms had to travel.

Discover The World Fun Activities For Toddlers

To play this game it would be good to have a large floor map large enough for your child to stand on. You will also need their box of stuffed toy animals.

As you take each toy, you can talk about where these animals live. Do they like hot or cold weather?

Do they live in the sea, or on the land?

For example, if your child has a stuffed penguin, you can talk about where penguins like to live, and show your child on the map that penguin live in the area of Antarctica.

This is great fun activities for toddlers, and after a few times they will start to remember where their stuffed toy animals like to live, and start placing them there themselves.

As they start to get familiar with the areas on the map, you can start to introduce the names of the area, so your child will start to link animals to their natural habitat, such as Kangaroos live in Australia and that it's mostly hot weather there.

Fun Activities For Toddlers To Discover The Seasons

A great way to teach your child about their ever-changing environment is by tracking the changes in the seasons.

Look through old photos of your child and other family members in the different seasons.

Duplicate the pictures so that you can cut them up and make a large collage. Get a large card that you can divide into the 4 seasons.

Talk to your toddler about the differences in weather, clothes and the foods you eat at the different times of the year.

You could laminate your collage and make a little cardboard arrow attached with a brad in the centre of the board, so that your child can move it around, as the year gets hotter and colder.

What is great about all of these fun activities for toddlers, is that they will grow with your child, and they can be lasting activities for a few years to come. 

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