The Ultimate Busy Box aka The Moms Too Tired From Nursing Baby to Do a Craft Box

By Carley Rapp (Seattle WA Usa)

The Ultimate Busy Box aka The Moms Too Tired From Nursing Baby to Do a Craft Box

1 lg basket/box with a home location that is up high out of reach

1 box ziploc storage bags

1) Fill each ziploc storage bag with any of the following combinations in each bag:

* Small crayon box (e.g. from restaurant) or a few crayons, a printout, 1 sheet stickers

* Glue stick, old magazine, construction paper

* Foam stickers, child's shoebox 

* Foam stickers, old picture frame 

* Small playdough container, cookie cutters

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The Ultimate Busy Box aka The Moms Too Tired From Nursing Baby to Do a Craft Box

* Cardstock, crayons & a sheet of stickers (for card-making - we mail cards to family & always make thank you cards... my daughter LOVES this activity!)

* Large beads and pipecleaners (these are easy for a toddler/preschooler to thread)

* Misc toys (e.g. I have a bag of small toys from McDonalds in one bag, a Feltboard from Goodwill, a Laceup Activity from Goodwill etc)

* Anything you find in the misc items section of your second-hand stores - there are often grab-bags of "Crafty" things, like gluesticks with sequins, bubbles, misc markers & stencils etc

* The components to your toddler's favourite craft all in one bag (When I have time I'll choose a craft from websites or "parenting" magazines & assemble the materials in a bag... at my leisure, of course! We can't put too much pressure on ourselves!!!)

2) Whether it's "Witching Hour" in your house or Dear Toddler needs an occupation that's out of your hair, excitedly declare it CRAFT TIME!!! and bring down the Busy Box of Joy! Allow your dear one to choose one special "Craft Bag" and then enjoy some time relaxing. When s/he's all done, it all goes back in the bag & either back in the Busy Box or in the trash if it's used up! 

I add to the Busy Box as I find things from second-hand stores or when craft things are on sale. This is such a great "no brainer" way to "do crafts," especially when mom's tired, toddler's bored & baby's fussy!

Comments for The Ultimate Busy Box (aka The Mom's Too Tired From Nursing Baby to "Do a Craft" Box)

Great idea! 
by: Laura 

This is an awesome idea. I'm about to have another baby, so since my 3 year old loves doing crafts, this is a great way to plan ahead for smoother days. 
great idea 
by: Anonymous 

I love this idea!! Would make a great gift, too.
A wonderful simple idea with long lasting benefits. Thank you!


by: annmariapeter 

 Ultimate busy box is so easy and simple crafting method. My daughter will love this craft. Because she is very fond of designing. Especially the unique ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas on the busy box crafting.

Great idea!

by: Laura 

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